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Blog Angels is a project which started in order for lovely blogging folk to help someone else out. Obviously you don't have to sign up to a scheme to help someone, but it's always nice to do something as a community, isn't it?
There's an added twist to the scheme, you have to do all of your helping in secret, without expecting any help in return and keep the good work up for a WHOLE month. (Although we're trialling a new way of doing things as I type!)

The effort required can be as minimal or extravagant as you want. All that is required is that you comment at least twice a week on someone's blog, encouraging their project.

Sound a bit easy? Well you could feature them secretly, shout out about their posts on your social media.

Maybe you could even sneakily arrange a sponsor swap, guest post or giveaway.

Do they hold a link-up or weekly party? Could you take part? We all like participants!

Are you a design expert and could you make them a button to use on their blog?

You might even send them something in snail mail....the sky really is the limit.

The project takes part every two months. So the next project begins in June.

Sign up will be HERE on 15th May 2013.

I would love it if you wanted to join in. It's my dream to have 100 really dedicated Blog Angels out there spreading a bit of joy and happiness*.

Want to find out more before you join in? Check out the old series:
I really hope I get to see your name on the sign up list soon!

Rosie x
The Serious Bit!
*To be part of the project you really do need to be committed to helping out for the whole month. If life gets in the way, you just need to let me know and I will try and arrange for your blog to be taken under someone's wing. Not letting me know is NOT cool and damages the integrity of the project. 

 As you will also have your own Angel helping you, you are also committing to having content on your blog so that someone can help you.  However, you could be 'orphaned' by your Blog Angel and while I will do my best to find a replacement, I can't guarantee you will get one....which is why if you are signing up...you should be really committed. Remember it can be as simple as two comments per week.
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