{ About Me }

Hi I'm Rosie - a tea-loving, creative & lifestyle blogger, who likes to chat about books and beauty sometimes too.

I have been blogging on Craftbotic for nearly four years now, although there has been a gigantic pause since December 2014 as my life flipped on its head and I found myself married, living in Germany and studying German. (Please don't panic; I was aware that these things were happening to me...!) I have now managed to post consistently for three whole months, so I would say I am back with a vengeance.

As well as writing this blog, I have just started a You Tube channel, which I already has a couple of videos on. Expect to see a bit of my life in Germany, some beauty bits, craft tutorials and me chatting about what I am reading. I am aiming for one video a month to begin with.

My (when-life-goes-well-and-I-can-fit-everything-in) posting schedule is:
Every Wednesday and every second Saturday, as I am 9 months into being a first time mummy, and I can barely find time to brush my hair, let alone blog!

If you have any questions, please just ask away. I am easily reachable on Twitter or on my email Rosie (at) craftbotic (dot) com



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