Monday, February 29, 2016



Have you ever heard yourself muttering 'I wish I had the confidence to ask for a promotion/promote my blog irl/travel alone/speak to attractive guys.... (insert your own here). I know I have. Even writing this post, I have questioned what right I have to talk about the importance of confidence in life, when I wouldn't describe myself as particularly confident, just quite good at faking it. Confident people seem to have the world at their feet: great friends, an amazing socal life, better chances at being picked for promotion. From school onwards there seems to be a pecking order, with the girls on the netball team having their pick of the cute boys, then the general attractive folk (including the rebellious ones) and then the rest, with the weird geeky ones (me) and the very quiet somewhere near the bottom. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016


I was having a good old natter with my fellow #craftblogclub twitter pals on Tuesday during the weekly twitter chat, and I shared with them a bit about the craft lull,  I feel like I am having. Although I am making lots, most of it is for my daughter's Christening and First Birthday and the ideas are either well worn or private details I want to keep as a surprise for my guests. The problem is, it leaves next to no time for blog crafting, so while there is a lot of scope for lifestyle content, I feel like my creative readers might be feeling a tad neglected.

Your free version doesn't have any watermark on!
After much reassurance from my tweeps, I decided to give myself a break. It seemed to work like magic, as I had the urge to doodle. That doodle turned into an adult colouring page for book lovers, inspired by books that changed my life some how. It is free to download here for private use. I'd be delighted to see the results of your colouring sessions so please tweet me any completed efforts. I have so many ideas now for future pages and a real urge to doodle away. Which books would be on your page? What theme would you like next?

I'd also love to know what you think about the sorts of creative posts you want to see here on Craftbotic. Would an inspiration board or a craft update on current makes float your boat, while newer crafts are a bit thin on the ground? Please let me know!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Whether you can't remember family birthdays, need to revise for an exam, or plan a massive party, all you need is a few organisational tips and you will start to find these tasks easier.  I love organisation: lists, spreadsheets, apps, colour-coding, diaries, post - it's. get the idea. Therefore I thought I would share some of my time management and organisational tips, which I found helped me feel a bit more on top of things. 

I am not a daily list writer, but do like to use one for when I plan a big event or task. I planned my DIY wedding with the help of a spreadsheet and monthly lists which broke down what we had to do. We picked a venue with no catering, decoration or equipment, so there was a lot to achieve.  We were working under a strict budget and to top it off, it was all organised in two languages.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I usually avoid popular romance novels like the plague. Not because I am a complete book snob, but because for a long while, the female protagonist (single, alone, stuck in a pants job, irritating ex etc. etc.) could well have been me. While some people may find it reassuring to 'identify' with the lead character and enjoy them jumping life's little hurdles (promotion, discovery of self-worth, settling down with that hot bloke who turns up at some point in the story), I just found it a bit depressing really. When you are that person, whose parents not so secretly worry if you will ever settle down, or who is the last in a very long list of friends who have coupled-up and tied the knot, the fiction clashes a bit too realistically with the fact and all hopes of escapism sink and its just easier to watch The X-factor at your parent's house again, while enjoying a free curry and a snuggle with your favourite cat. *the shame*

I don't know if it is because I am now married, having met my husband at the age of 29 in unexpected and almost unbelievable circumstances, that I am now converted - or that my brain can't cope with anything with multiple-claused sentences. Either way, Giovanna Fletcher's 'Dream a Little Dream' had me hooked despite an initial bumpy start with the first-person narrative.


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