Wednesday, January 13, 2016


 It is 4pm, nearly dark and peeing it down with rain. The wind is howling, and our window shutters (because that's a thing in Germany) are rattling and I am waiting for minibot to wake up. We were going to go for a walk, as I am going a bit stir crazy sat in here with just a (very cute) baby for company. So what does one do, when thwarted by the weather? Play with make-up of course, make plans with friends, and stuff one's nose into a good book.

 If you caught my first post in this mini series to combat the January Blues by socialising on a budget, you will know that I am very much looking forward to the weekend where I might get to see a friendly face or two. For this post I was excited to play with some of my new Christmas make-up goodies, with the aim of spicing up my usual neutral eye game, with hints of blue mixed with the Spring trend of metallics. January is meant to be a time to try something new and as I have only just started saying: if you can't beat the January blues - wear them!

So here are three eye looks that I came up with, on a rainy and depressing afternoon, which are anything but rainy or depressing. (Links to the products can be found at the end of the post - as usual I should point out that I was definitely not paid for my opinions or given the products to review)

For all of these looks I used the L'oreal False Lash Flutter Mascara and the Collection Concealer to finish off. 


I automatically gravitated towards the 'Gold' colour in my Lorac Pro Palette and then realised that many people wouldn't have it and I would have again written a post using something that almost nobody could recreate. In scanning alternatives to this wonder colour, I found a complete DUPE in the MUA Heaven and Earth palette (details below).

Hooray! Anyway the gold colour went all over the lid, I tight-lined my upper lash line using 'Garnet' from my Lorac Palette (although any reddish brown will do). Then underneath and in the waterline I opted for the Essence Gel Eye Pencil in Blue Lagoon. This stuff is still partially under my eye - despite multiple attempts to soak it off; so I would say it had good longevity, particularly for such a budget option.


Definitely one for the evening or when you are feeling a bit grungy. I was lucky enough to get both of these colours from my husband for Christmas, and not feeling quite brave enough for an all over 'blue-eye', I decide to mix the two together to achieve a shiny, petrol effect. The Kiko 'brown gold' colour went all over the lid first, and then the Kiko 'Midnight Blue'  was worked into the outer corner, into the crease and used to line the upper and lower lash lines. It took a bit of blending, but I liked it. Now I just need a night out and some new ripped jeans as an excuse to wear it again.


Another gem to turn up in my stocking was the H&M Sahara Dawn eyeshadow, which lightly applied is a very warm reddish brown colour. Applied more heavily the red tones definitely come through more, but for this look, I wanted something a little more subtle. With the Sahara Dawn on the lash line, I blended upwards to create a more feathered look. Over the top I used a little 'light bronze' from the Lorac palette (again any light bronze colour will do) and blended some more. Using the Kiko Rebel Romance Liquid Intense Eyeline in dark blue, it was time to do a nice feline flick. This colour is amazing, and it is also very difficult to remove (even after a day of wear). It was in the sale when I looked online and as a limited line, I might have to go and snap up enough one (or two) for my stash. On the lower lash line, I used a 'slate' grey colour as a contrast. Although a little dark for daytime wear, I love this one so much that I would wear it anyway.

I for one had a splendid afternoon experimenting with my new make-up and can't wait to face those January blues with my, erm, face.

Lorac Pro Palette (Gold, Slate, Russet, Light Bronze)
MUA Heaven and Earth palette
Essence Gel Eye Pencil in Blue Lagoon (04)
Kiko Rebel Romance Liquid Intense Eyeliner in Blue
Kiko Long-lasting shadow stick in Midnight Blue (17) and Golden Brown (06)
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in cool/medium
H&M Eyeshadow in Sahara Dawn 
Loreal False Lash Flutter Mascara

Do you have a secret blue make-up trick that you want to share? Then leave a link or comment below or on Twitter and I will be sure to come and have a read. 


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