Wednesday, January 27, 2016


January is nearly over, pay day is nearly here for many of you and Valentine's Day, with all its nonsense, is just around the corner. Hopefully the socialising tips, make-up looks and book recommendations will have helped you so far with your fight against the January Blues, but we still have 4 more days to deal with, so why not spend it making something to liven up your walls a bit. After all, February is just as depressing even if there is (usually) a bit more money around to spend on pick-me-ups. 

I wanted to make myself a pennant banner for a while and decided that a motivational message would be ideal. Originally I wanted to make one saying 'cheer up' or 'it could be worse', but after receiving some bad news, they became wildly inappropriate. I wanted to use a mix of crochet and fabric for mine, but it is just as easy to use card and coloured paper.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Finding balance in life is nearly as tricky as standing on one leg, whilst drunk and convincing other people that you are sober. In order to do so, you have to weigh up your commitments (work, family, basic hygiene) against your hopes and desires. I for one have chosen, on more than one occasion, to live an unbalanced life. 

I was working in a school and it was hectic, but I was newly qualified, I loved it and threw every ounce of my effort into it, often to the detriment of a social life. Relationships took a back seat, some wandered off never to be seen again, yet I wasn't actually that bothered  (cold, right?). I had passion and love for my work and as a result I managed to find a new position in a new school with some extra responsibility. I was actually excited to have more work to do! *cringe*

Thursday, January 21, 2016


 Does your head feel as stuffed full of cotton wool as mine in January? Cold, damp weather, a lack of funds and short days are hardly inspiring. Apart from inviting your friends around to socialise on a budget, I like to beat the January Blues by reading a few good books. As I am usually brain-dead and skint, these tend to be free downloads for my Kindle, library loans or rereads of books I already have on my shelf. Here is a selection that have kept me company this month (be prepared for a few throwbacks to my childhood!). Hopefully they will help you feel a bit more chipper too.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


 It is 4pm, nearly dark and peeing it down with rain. The wind is howling, and our window shutters (because that's a thing in Germany) are rattling and I am waiting for minibot to wake up. We were going to go for a walk, as I am going a bit stir crazy sat in here with just a (very cute) baby for company. So what does one do, when thwarted by the weather? Play with make-up of course, make plans with friends, and stuff one's nose into a good book.

 If you caught my first post in this mini series to combat the January Blues by socialising on a budget, you will know that I am very much looking forward to the weekend where I might get to see a friendly face or two. For this post I was excited to play with some of my new Christmas make-up goodies, with the aim of spicing up my usual neutral eye game, with hints of blue mixed with the Spring trend of metallics. January is meant to be a time to try something new and as I have only just started saying: if you can't beat the January blues - wear them!

Saturday, January 9, 2016


There is no secret around these parts that I am a new mummy and worked as a teacher until I moved to Germany two years ago. Over the years I have had to dish out appropriate personal advice and support, alongside grammar lessons and Shakespeare texts (Romeo definitely has some rebelliousness problems) and while this does not qualify me as an 'expert' in life, it does mean that I have had many occasions to reflect on what makes people happy, and help them to reach their own decisions on what they should do to reach their own personal goals. Since the birth of my daughter, I have also often mused on how I should raise her and the values that I want to share  - so I decided to write a new series, posting twice (and sometimes more) a month, on a Saturday , in order to help me wrap my head around what I think is at the heart of having a happy life. Each time I will be using a letter of the alphabet to choose a word that I think is important for living contentedly.

Aspiration is one of the biggest motivators in my life. I don't see it as a synonym for ambition, which can often have negative connotations, or be associated with reaching the top of something. In some areas (particularly my career) I have been extremely ambitious, with some success as a result of stubbornly following goals, but it didn't make me happy. With every goal reached, it never seemed enough, culminating in bitter disappointment.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016



There's something about January that makes me want to crawl under a rock and reappear in April. Aside from the New Year's optimism and resolutions which lull me into another year of crazy goals (this year's doozy being to write a novel - insert 'lol' emoticon here), January is awful. From the weather to the fact that everyone is completely skint from Christmas, it really is enough to make someone crawl under their duvet, while resenting the fact they are eating yet another cheap and cheerful meal (cereal counts, right?).

This year I am going to be publishing a post every Wednesday to hopefully help us beat those January blues together, and today we start with how to socialise on a budget.  Let's face it - if you are going to survive the next 4 weeks, you need some friends around.


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