Saturday, December 5, 2015


I have loved Christmas since I could understand what it was, and still love the spirit and festivity, right down to all of the naff songs that are repeated in every shop and on every radio station. Just before Christmas last year, we were in New York, and I couldn't have been happier wandering through the Christmas markets, and looking at the festive glitz and glamour. On Christmas Day you will find me dressed from head to toe in Christmas clothing, drinking out of my 'I love Christmas' mug, while ripping open my stocking presents. Yes. I still insist on a stocking. But this year there has been a big shift.

Christmas is now about our tiny, new family, and from now on will be about our little minibot and not really about me *cough* us anymore. Surprisingly, I am not really that freaked out about it, and set about choosing stocking presents for our new addition (who I am sure will get more fun out of chewing the wrapping paper, stocking and packaging than the actual gifts at first...). So with that in mind, I wanted to write to Santa this year, just so he has a head's up on what I really wish for our Christmas this year.

Dear Santa,

I realise at my ripe old age, that it is quite unusual that I am still writing to you. But this year it is extra important that our Christmas runs smoothly. You see, it's my baby girl's first Christmas. EVER. Although I expect she won't remember it, I still want it to be the best introduction to my favourite day of the year. We are driving to England this year to spend the day with my parents and the first thing that I wish, is that we can all just get along with one another. As relationships get older, cracks sometimes appear, but I know that we all love each other deep down and more than anything, that is what I want to surround our new baby girl with. LOVE.

There will be a big heap of presents for her, all wrapped in brightly coloured paper. The tree will be flashing in its fibre-optic glory, and no doubt we will arrive to find my dad and brother watching Soccer AM on the large flat screen TV. I hope that our tiny one can cope with all of the noise and stimulation, as she's very sensitive, both to large groups of people and anything unusual. I wish for her that the day is fun and sensory, rather than a living nightmare.

We will be waking up in a hotel room on Christmas morning, with a very sparse amount of Christmas decoration, which I will have pilfered from my mum's stash. It might be the only day where I don't object to the 5am wake up call. As long as we all three have our stockings to open. This will be our first family Christmas moment, and I picture us all snuggled in the strange bed, wrestling various gifts out of minibot's curious little mouth. Please let it occur without bickering about sleep deprivation or hankering after a decent cup of coffee or competing to see who woke up the most. I want us all to enjoy the peace that Christmas can bring.

And speaking of peace, I really do hope that as we move into 2016 that the world becomes a more peaceful place; that the increasing prejudice against Muslims that I see building around me, is laid to rest; that the millions of displaced people find some warmth and comfort and that the people who remain in war zones or make-shift refugee camps are somehow helped, rather than demonised next year. I want our daughter to grow up knowing tolerance, kindness and humanity, not the fear and panic I see in people around me.

Maybe you can't provide all of that for me Santa, as with every year, you will need a bit of help from us as her parents to fulfill every wish that we have for her. I hope my letter isn't too late for you to make a start, however.

Good luck on Christmas Eve!

Best wishes,



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