Saturday, November 14, 2015



When thinking about Christmas this year, my heart sank a bit, as I pictured my family sitting around the table waiting on a delicious roast only to realise that I wouldn't be eating my body weight in potatoes this year; chomping on a pile of honey-roasted carrots or submerging myself in boozy Christmas pudding. If you caught my posts on Monday and Wednesday , you will already know that I was told that I was pre-diabetic after having gestational diabetes during my pregnancy and that I am officially on a lower carbohydrate diet in a bid to stave off full blown Type 2 diabetes. To the most part, I have come to terms with this, but on special occasions, like Christmas, it is easy to feel like the odd one out. On one hand, I can cope with a couple of really good roasties and I am sure my mum can skip the honey on the vegetables this year without going to too much bother. Where I stumble a bit, is with dessert. Yes. It's once a year and it probably wouldn't be the end of the world if I stopped counting my carbs for a few hours, but having been keeping to my diet, I have realised how sugar affects my well-being and I am just not ready for a two day sugar 'hangover'.

Encouraged by some of the marvellous recipes on one of my favourite diabetes resources, for such treats such as gingerbread and even mince pies, I decided to try and create a Christmas dessert that might just be worth giving up a yorkshire pudding for on the day. So here is my recipe for an Apple, Cinnamon and Rum Semi-Freddo style dessert, topped with Yummy Ginger Roasted Almonds.

Serves:5 (small portions!)
Time: 20 minutes, plus 2 hours for freezing.
Approximate carbohydrate content: 10g per serving

150ml Double Cream
200ml Creme Fraiche
1 Teaspoon Stevia
1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon (I put in quite a lot more as I love it)
2 Tablespoons of Rum or a few drops of Rum Essence, if you have some designated drivers or pregnant folks eating with you.
75g grated Granny Smith Apple
100g Flaked Almonds
1 Teaspoon of Ground Ginger

1. Whip the cream, rum, Stevia and cinnamon into soft peaks (don't take it too far to avoid having very boozy butter.)
2. Whip the Creme Fraiche into soft peaks and gently fold through the double cream mixture.
3. Grate the apple (I do this towards the end so that it doesn't go brown), and then fold through the mixture, again gently.
4. Carefully spoon your mixture into silicone cupcake moulds, or a clingfilm-lined cupcake tray. Cover with clingfilm before placing in the freezer.
5. Mix the almonds and ginger on a baking tray. Toast in an oven on a low heat until lightly browned. Either leave whole or grind to create a crumb. I serve mine hot to create a nice contrast.

Before serving take your semi-freddo out of the freezer until just soft again.

 I hope if you make it, you enjoy it as much as I did (tasting all of those testers was a tough job...but I did it for you, honestly). Let me know how you get on by linking me to your Instagram pictures or tweeting me, so I can check out your efforts. You can find me on both platforms as @CraftboticQ, and why not use the hashtag #craftboticrecipes while we are there! All bases covered. There are some more Craftbotic blog treats waiting for you in the coming weeks, so make sure you are checking back regularly or that you subscribe to my Bloglovin'. You can can also expect my first every vlog soon - and I am very excited about it (as well as pretty nervous).

Have a lovely weekend.


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