Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hi there....remember me? Remember how I launched my revamped blog last August and then all of a sudden just disappeared? Thank you to those who read Craftbotic who then got in contact via social media to check up on me. Everything was indeed 'fine'. Everything was absolutely wonderful in fact, because shortly before the end of the month I found out that I was pregnant. Gasp. We were shocked that everything had happened so quickly after our wedding. I needed time to digest what it meant for me: a future mama. Then somewhere in the midst of my dwelling (that went on pretty much 9 months...), I became fiercely private and protective of my pregnancy. I didn't announce it on Facebook, or Twitter....or anywhere else. I barely even told my friends until it became so blinking obvious that I had to. Some people inevitably go off food when they are expecting. It turns out I went off social media. Well, all social media that didn't involve obsessively informing myself about how the lentil, bean, strawberry, pear, banana was growing inside me.

When the nesting kicked in, I crafted more in a space of a few months than in probably the last year. One might assume that this was a perfect excuse to then blog about it. Duh...being a craft blog and all. But that would have involved me 'announcing' my pregnancy to the world. I just wasn't ready. Then the complications started. Pregnancy diabetes, threat of pre-eclampsia, blood flow problems....you name it, I experienced it. It was all-consuming and I became obsessed with staying healthy. This consisted of rest, yoga and watching Masterchef fairly obsessively. Before I knew it 10 months had flown by and the awaited arrival date slipped nearer and nearer.

Two days early, our daughter arrived. It was not without drama, but we were elated and she was a picture of health (just how healthy you can see on my Instagram feed!) although a very, very tiny one. I take my warm winter beanie off to anyone who has a blog and a newborn, or any child in fact. We felt like we had been run over by a steam train. I could barely function to shower myself, let alone write out a birth story. She fundamentally changed us both, our relationship, our entire world and at the start, it didn't always feel like for the better. Although ask me now, at exactly 6 months to the day she was born and I wouldn't swap anything about her for the world. Well, maybe her inability to sleep. That can DO one.

So what does it mean for Craftbotic? This isn't goodbye. I love writing my blog and I love the friends I have found on my little corner of the Internet. Am I going to become a 'Mummy' blog? I don't think so. Will there be family inspired crafts and recipes? Sometimes, yes. Is there going to be a blow-by-blow account of my labour and breast-feeding woes? Absolutely not. Can you expect to hear from me more often? Sure thing. I am going to find time to write once a month until 2016 and then see if I can make it more often in January. Right now, my heart and my life is preoccupied with my family and trying to make sense of how we are evolving. That takes up a lot of my brain space, but it doesn't have to mean that I need to give up my little blog space. I hope to hear from you all soon and look forward to my next post, which I hope will be crafty.

Let me know your thoughts on the new direction or diversion Craftbotic is taking. Big hugs to you all.

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