Friday, August 1, 2014


 German Nail Polish

When I first arrived in Germany, I was shocked to discover that some brands like Revlon are just not available here. Brands like Bourjois and Rimmel can be ordered via ASOS Germany, but it isn't as simple as wandering into the equivalent of Boots (Douglas/Mueller) and snapping up a few beauty bargains. After a month here, I realised that all was not lost. There are plenty of beauty supplies readily available here, which just aren't on every high street in the UK. Things like Essence (appearing in Wilkinsons), NYX (found in Next) and Astor (a Spanish brand, sometimes found in Poundland!) are in every town in Germany. So rather than mourn the loss of make-up that I can stock-up on when I visit the UK, or even order via Boots now that they ship to Germany for around £10.00, I have decided to check out what Germany has to offer instead. I am sure other German bloggers will have been doing this for years, but to my knowledge, I have yet to find any that blog in English about it! So my first find: P2 Volume Gloss nail polishes.

P2 is the make-up brand produced for the drugstore DM. They sell a range of make-up products, but what immediately stood out for me was the nail polish collection.  A variety of formulas are on offer, but my favourite has to be the Volume Gloss collection. There are around 12 shades available, priced at a whopping 1 Euro 90 cents each. I own the four that are on my fingers below and I am seriously impressed by the overall look and staying power.

While I normally only wear nail polish on my toes, most of the colours are seriously hard-wearing. They just don't chip on me, despite the fact I live in a city centre and in my open-toed sandals most of the time at the moment. The darker shades are opaque in one coat, with a second coat just adding to the overall lasting-power of the polish. My favourite colour is the glossy red for this reason, and possibly the name 'grande dame' which I think is pretty fabulous too. The pastel shades tend to be opaque in two coats, with the exception of the pale yellow, which requires three. This is my least favourite colour as it doesn't really suit my skin-tone and takes too much effort to apply.

German Nail Polish
German Nail Polish Brands
From left to right: love agent, casual queen, happy bride and grande dame
 There are plenty more shades that I have my eye on for winter, or if I ever have a tan (unlikely). I will definitely be focusing on the darker shades. I have never found a glossy formula quite like it. So for now, I can do without my Barry M gel polishes, or Bourjois nail pots, in favour of a purse-friendly German alternative.

So should you find yourself in Germany, I fully recommend that you check out the local DM and hunt out these glosses. I don't think you'll be disappointed!


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