Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Craft blog

Well hello, again. It has been so long since I wrote on here that I am now a married woman (well, technically a twice married woman). Since November, when I last wrote, a LOT has happened. I stopped working, moved to German, attended 480 HOURS of German lessons, planned my church wedding, crafted all of the decorations and found us a bigger flat to move into. I probably don't need to say, that in this time, I changed a bit as a person. Now that I have figured out what that means, I am ready to start blogging again. So what's changing in this here blog?

Well, not everything. Don't worry! Craftbotic is still at it's essence a creative blog. There will be craft projects, DIY (now we have a place with a bit of space), books and the occasional Germany post.

The new bits - I hope you will see as improvements:
  • I am going to be on You Tube. Really. I have set up the channel and even made a list of videos to make. You can subscribe if you want, ready for the debut outing, which should be with you by the end of July.
  • Beauty posts and videos will be making an appearance in these parts. Since deciding to sort out my skin and learn how to do my own wedding-day make-up, I have discovered how fun it is to put make-up brush to face and pamper myself. Painting objects...painting yourself...not too different it turns out!
  • Fewer link-ups etc. They never really took off, but they did eat away the hours to arrange. From now on I want to concentrate on posting regularly and content that I enjoy writing/making.
Of course, at this early stage of development I am very open to ideas about what you want to read/see/hear about. I think I have some serious reader 'sucking-up' to do after leaving you wondering where I have been all of this time. So tell me folks: comment, tweet me, or leave me a comment on Facebook. For the first time in ages, I can say that I will genuinely be checking all social media.

Speak soon!


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