Tuesday, July 29, 2014


black and white office inspiration

In precisely 17 days we are moving house and I will finally have the workroom space I have dreamed of, in which to write, blog and craft.There has been more than just a little bit of home inspiration pinning going on in the last few weeks and as you can expect I have more than a few ideas as to how everything might look when we get in there. A girl can dream right? So how will I adapt the ideas above to fit our new space?

As we are renting and really should keep the walls white, I have decided to go for a black, white and copper theme, with some natural wood and pops of colour through plants and a great feature wall.

The office space will consist of two neutral desks which will have some shelving in between, so we can share the printer easily and store all of our paper. I am intending to spray paint the silver legs of an Ikea desk copper to make sure our metals are not too mixed! (Ikea, in the unlikely chance that you are reading this, please start producing copper-coloured desk legs.) The chair is likely to be a mix of natural wood and black. No matter how much I love the little stunner from Ikea above, the chances of my high-backed-chair-loving husband agreeing to them are quite low. Sad times.

I want to make a memo board that stretches the entire length of the wall, bringing the two separate desk spaces together. Mine would be a dark charcoal colour with white cords to give some contrast to the desk.

A couple of floating shelves will allow for a bit of over desk storage.

At the centre of the office area will be a feature wall of our Australian artwork, plus some extras that I made, such as this postage stamp artwork which I posted about last week.

The desk accessories, such as lamps will no doubt be copper coloured on my desk, but I can't see this extending to the other half who I expect might find it all a bit girly. Some plain magazine holders will also be jazzed up, possibly with a patterned inside, or some dip-dyed effect.

All I know is that I cannot wait to get started putting it altogether, although I expect I will have to wait for quite a while as we have other rooms, such as the guest bedroom, to sort out first. That should give me plenty of time to decide on how I am going to store all of my craft stash. How do you store yours? What does your dream office look like? Any tips, suggestions or feedback would be really welcome. 


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