Monday, November 18, 2013

November Craft Challenge: A Doxie Christmas Ornament

When I first saw the title of Anja's project, I felt a bit thick....maybe because I am not a dog owner, I've missed out on the doxie (doggy) trend, so I actually had to Google it in order to see what was going down. When I did, I ended up finding some of the most hideous decorations known to man....and I own a glittery squirrel. I had no idea what to expect. Although I DID suspect that whatever she had made was bound to be heaps cuter than what I had already seen.  Then I realised I was spelling it incorrectly (doxxy) and was more pleasantly surprised to find a breed of dog. I (It is so worth googling 'doxxy ornament' to see what this COULD have been). Thankfully, for all of us, Anja's doxIE ornament is EXACTLY what you all need this Christmas. Here she is now to talk you through it:

My mind has been all over the place lately - and definitely nowhere near Christmas mode. Anyway, this month's Craft Challenge is for Christmas. So I had to come up with something, right?

Christmas in our home is a mix between traditional and whimsical. For example, I have all the classic Christmas ornaments from my grandma, but they share the tree with all kinds of adorable not-so-traditional ones: the Eiffel tower, turquoise toadstools, a silver pick-up truck... in a blue, white and silver extravaganza. That's why I decided to create some doxie Christmas ornaments this year.

Monday, November 11, 2013

November Craft Challenge: Seeing Christmas Stars with PJ

 I am not 'technically' late with this post, folks. It is still Monday, right? Even if it is past 10pm here in dark, cold, wintery England. My stomach did little flips over the starry offering from PJ for this month's craft challenge. So much so that I had to go back and check to see what I made for my go last week. I made wine charms it turns can check them out here. Everything that happened two weeks ago feels like a dream, such has my life spun back to the joys of teaching during a report and mock examination period (if you didn't read the last part with dry sarcasm...try doing it again...!) Did I really get married? My new passport application and wedding certificate would suggest so...we'll see how much better it all feels in 5 weeks when I move to Germany. Watch out husband...I'll be there soon! Anyhoo, enough about's PJ with some more festive fun.
How is it November?  This month snuck up on me, for real!  Luckily I have had this project percolating in my brain since August! Before I went back to work my mother in law, sister in law and I spent an awesome weekend thrifting and antiquing in Virginia, and while we were there we had dinner at a certain country style restaurant that let's you shop before or after your meal. They had all their Christmas stuff out already (yuk) and for the low price of 5.99 I could have bought one of these.
For a lot less than that, I'm making my own!

Monday, November 4, 2013

November Craft Challenge - Tis the commence Christmas crafting and create some Wine Charms.

It really nearly is the season to start thinking about Christmas. It is unusual for me not to have all of my gifts planned and a schedule of home-made gifts on the go. Having lost my craft stash to Germany in the house move, I am having to take advantage of my week in Germany to make my contribution to this month's challenge. It is so nice to think about Christmas a bit, although it has made me feel somewhat behind.
Before I share with you my idea for this month, it is time to announce the winners of the vote from October's Upcycle Craft. It was massively close with only one vote between each place.
Results of the Upcycle Craft Challenge 2013
1st - Anja's Greyhound Pillow
2nd - Rosie's Tribal Chalk Board
3rd - PJs Plate Rack Makeover
 This month my craft is designed to help with your Christmas entertaining. A few years ago, I bought my mum some wine charms, so that people did not get confused over whose drink belonged to whom. Now that I am so close to setting up my own home, I think it is vital that we make some for us. The champagne after the registry office last week was certainly a little bit of a Russian Roulette for whose you were actually sipping on. I figured even when not entertaining some festive wine charms would help to create a bit of Crimbo sparkle. I dug into my Christmas craft stash and came up with these beauties:

Saturday, November 2, 2013


  I know this is a bit topsy-turvy, writing about a hen-do after the marriage, but you can imagine that I have been a bit short of time of late. If you missed my post about the registry office part of my wedding then you can read it here, but be prepared for two very smiley people. Just like Friday's wedding, this hen-do was one of two I intend to have. Every girl with two weddings needs two parties, right?


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