Monday, November 4, 2013

November Craft Challenge - Tis the commence Christmas crafting and create some Wine Charms.

It really nearly is the season to start thinking about Christmas. It is unusual for me not to have all of my gifts planned and a schedule of home-made gifts on the go. Having lost my craft stash to Germany in the house move, I am having to take advantage of my week in Germany to make my contribution to this month's challenge. It is so nice to think about Christmas a bit, although it has made me feel somewhat behind.
Before I share with you my idea for this month, it is time to announce the winners of the vote from October's Upcycle Craft. It was massively close with only one vote between each place.
Results of the Upcycle Craft Challenge 2013
1st - Anja's Greyhound Pillow
2nd - Rosie's Tribal Chalk Board
3rd - PJs Plate Rack Makeover
 This month my craft is designed to help with your Christmas entertaining. A few years ago, I bought my mum some wine charms, so that people did not get confused over whose drink belonged to whom. Now that I am so close to setting up my own home, I think it is vital that we make some for us. The champagne after the registry office last week was certainly a little bit of a Russian Roulette for whose you were actually sipping on. I figured even when not entertaining some festive wine charms would help to create a bit of Crimbo sparkle. I dug into my Christmas craft stash and came up with these beauties:

 I have made three different designs because I go crazy in the post-Christmas craft sales and buy all of the scrap-book, charm, papers and beads I can when it is all reduced by 70%. The only thing I bought for this project was the florist wire for less than 2 euros.
 To make the base of the charm, you need to construct a round base.  I wrapped my wire around the top of a beer bottle. Turn one of the ends back to prevent what you thread on from jumping off. For my first charm, I experimented with different bead patterns. You can't beat a bit of candy-cane glamour. When I was finished, I just turned back the other end. With a little squash these will clasp together nicely around the base of a glass.
The next round incorporated some wooden scrapbook shapes I had from last year. Make a small loop of wire before attaching this to the charm base. I put beads on either side, and some little gems on the front to make them even more sparkly and festive.
 I then found these little scrapbook pins, which have a nice vintage feel. To attach these it took a bit more work. I had to snip down the pointy ends with wire scissors and the loop took a bit more construction. Take care - it is possible to cut yourself - or so I found out!
So there you have it, three sets of wine charms. When you are a festive party animal like myself (cough), you couldn't possibly be seen with the same set twice in one season! As it only took a couple of hours to make all three sets, it is perfectly reasonable to cosy up by the fire and prepare enough to make even the most plain glass, a sparkly Christmas treat.
Next week PJ will be delighting us with her festive frolics. Remember you can link-up your Christmas projects on the last Monday of November, leaving plenty of time for people to still take inspiration from your ideas. Now what are you waiting for? Pimp those wine glasses!
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