Monday, November 11, 2013

November Craft Challenge: Seeing Christmas Stars with PJ

 I am not 'technically' late with this post, folks. It is still Monday, right? Even if it is past 10pm here in dark, cold, wintery England. My stomach did little flips over the starry offering from PJ for this month's craft challenge. So much so that I had to go back and check to see what I made for my go last week. I made wine charms it turns can check them out here. Everything that happened two weeks ago feels like a dream, such has my life spun back to the joys of teaching during a report and mock examination period (if you didn't read the last part with dry sarcasm...try doing it again...!) Did I really get married? My new passport application and wedding certificate would suggest so...we'll see how much better it all feels in 5 weeks when I move to Germany. Watch out husband...I'll be there soon! Anyhoo, enough about's PJ with some more festive fun.
How is it November?  This month snuck up on me, for real!  Luckily I have had this project percolating in my brain since August! Before I went back to work my mother in law, sister in law and I spent an awesome weekend thrifting and antiquing in Virginia, and while we were there we had dinner at a certain country style restaurant that let's you shop before or after your meal. They had all their Christmas stuff out already (yuk) and for the low price of 5.99 I could have bought one of these.
For a lot less than that, I'm making my own!

 I'm not going to lie and say these were easy, but luckily for you I've already made ALL the mistakes and now you don't have to. 
I picked up an XL sweater at the thrift shop on 1/2 price day. $2.50. I have a white one as well.  When Mr. T finally lets me put up my Christmas Tree it's going to be MUCH larger than last years and I'm going to need a lot of ornaments! To start this project you need a star. 
 I rounded the corner of mine because I thought it would look better after sewing.  My star is about 7 inches across, don't go smaller it will be impossible to turn right side out. 
 Trace the star onto the thinnest fusible interfacing you can find.  Since you're cutting these stars out of a knit if you don't add something to it the stars just curl up. 
 Here is my first tip for you, don't worry about trimming the star out of the interfacing, once it's on the sweater you just have to trim it AGAIN! 
 Iron on (oops, I drew on the wrong side of the interfacing, I guess tip one should have been draw on the right side of the interfacing!) 
 Trim it out.
Add a bit of twine so you can hang it. Second tip, tie a knot that will end up on the inside of the ornament so it is triple reinforced.  The first one I made tore out of the ornament despite triple sewing over it.  Do not skip this step or you will be sorry!  I promise.  
 With right sides together sew with the smallest seam allowance you can manage, leave an opening to turn it right side out. 
Here is why you don't want to skip the step that adds a hanger.  It is infinitely easier to turn this right side out if you can put a crochet hook inside and grab that loop to start pulling it through. 
 Now add some stuffing, and close up the opening you left and you have a cute ornament for pennies not dollars. 
I am in the process of kicking myself for giving away all of my old jumpers to a thrift shop. With moving places I have down-sized to the max and been quite ruthless in sorting out my stuff. I considered keeping the jumpers to do a project, but I am scared to sew knit just yet. Maybe with this super tutorial I will be able to get over it. Have you guys got any knitwear related projects and tips for sewing with this tricky materials? As usual, I need all the help I can get. Anja will be sharing next week, before we head into the penultimate vote of the yearly challenge. 
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