Monday, November 18, 2013

November Craft Challenge: A Doxie Christmas Ornament

When I first saw the title of Anja's project, I felt a bit thick....maybe because I am not a dog owner, I've missed out on the doxie (doggy) trend, so I actually had to Google it in order to see what was going down. When I did, I ended up finding some of the most hideous decorations known to man....and I own a glittery squirrel. I had no idea what to expect. Although I DID suspect that whatever she had made was bound to be heaps cuter than what I had already seen.  Then I realised I was spelling it incorrectly (doxxy) and was more pleasantly surprised to find a breed of dog. I (It is so worth googling 'doxxy ornament' to see what this COULD have been). Thankfully, for all of us, Anja's doxIE ornament is EXACTLY what you all need this Christmas. Here she is now to talk you through it:

My mind has been all over the place lately - and definitely nowhere near Christmas mode. Anyway, this month's Craft Challenge is for Christmas. So I had to come up with something, right?

Christmas in our home is a mix between traditional and whimsical. For example, I have all the classic Christmas ornaments from my grandma, but they share the tree with all kinds of adorable not-so-traditional ones: the Eiffel tower, turquoise toadstools, a silver pick-up truck... in a blue, white and silver extravaganza. That's why I decided to create some doxie Christmas ornaments this year.

First of all, you need some fabric in the colour of your choice. Then you can either print out a doxie silhouette or you can draw one yourself. Just make sure that the legs and the tail aren't too thin, or it will be very hard to sew.
Transfer the silhouette onto the fabric (I always use a regular pencil). One doxie faces right, the other one left. Don't forget the sewing allowance. It can be quite small, though.
Attach the two pieces of fabric to each other and sew along the outlines. Where the shape bends (the neck, the tail, the legs), cut into your sewing allowance to make life a bit easier. Leave the belly open for the stuffing.
Find a corresponding piece of fabric for the ears. Draw the outline for two long and floppy ears, sew along the outline (leave a gap). Then turn the inside out and close the gap. Sew the ears onto the doxie's head. (For my first doxie, I stuffed the dog before this step. But it is easier to attach the extras while the doxie isn't stuffed yet.)
Stuff the doxie and close the belly.

Now you only need to make a cute bead collar with a little silver bell (after all, it is a Christmas ornament) and a ribbon. Easy, right? Some glitter might be nice, too.

This doxie might not be your traditional Christmas decoration, but for me it is spot on. I hope you enjoyed it! I can't wait to see what you all created for Christmas - come again next week to link up your projects (and to give me some much-needed Christmas inspiration)!

I really cannot wait to see what you guys have been doing too. I cannot even think of Christmas right now. Selling a flat, moving, marking examinations, writing full reports, organising a poetry recitation and maintaining day-to-day teaching responsibilities (you know....lesson preparation, book and assessment marking, meetings and the like...) is taking up every inch of's taken up so much head-space I even forgot that I am going through a list of companies the size of me with whom I need to change my name. How have I only got 3.5 weeks of work left? I keep asking myself how can I fit all of this into the next 29 days? I am not sure I can....let alone even consider Christmas shopping.

Any tips on coping with this folks? Well, needless to say I will be back next week with the round-up post and then my last project of the year. I have an idea of what I want to do. Shall we keep our fingers crossed that I have time?
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Amie Irwin said...

This is soo stinking cute! I would LOVE one of these for my tree too!
Amie @ Pinkapotamus

Cocalores said...

"... and I own a glittery squirrel"?!? That must be one of the best phrases ever used in the history of blogging, bahaha! xo

Meiqing Xu said...
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Wenhao Guo said...
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