Saturday, November 2, 2013


  I know this is a bit topsy-turvy, writing about a hen-do after the marriage, but you can imagine that I have been a bit short of time of late. If you missed my post about the registry office part of my wedding then you can read it here, but be prepared for two very smiley people. Just like Friday's wedding, this hen-do was one of two I intend to have. Every girl with two weddings needs two parties, right?

You may remember that I am not your typical bride, who wishes to drink lots and wear inappropriate male 'parts' on my head, t-shirt or elsewhere. I think I covered this quite thoroughly when telling you about organising one for my friend Louise. The idea of wearing 'L' plates fills me with dread. So my work hen-do needed to be a bit more me. My friend Charlotte (think Florence from Florence and the Machine, but classier and without red hair...) came up with the wonderful suggestion of going pottery painting and creating a very unique tea service that I could take to Germany with me. Little did I know that I would have 14 people very willing to do this and therefore an absolutely fabulous range of tea-cups and saucers, a cake-stand, some mugs, a milk jug and sugar bowl. None of it matches, which suits me down to the ground. It also has the added sentiment of being a reminder of all of my lovely work ladies, who I will be soon be waving goodbye to (sniff), in less than 7 weeks time.
Surrounding the pottery painting we had a 'bring a dish' picnic lunch (with nineties Indie music in the background) and afterwards we headed out to dinner where more people could come along to replace those who were able to be there in the afternoon, but not evening. We ate (and drank) a lot. It was a marvellous day without an L-plate in sight!

I expect that there are lots of craft classes or activities for a future bride to be. I once saw one for learning how to make posh undies, which, let's face it, a girl also needs! Did you have a crafty hen-do? What would your dream hen-do look like? Or do you offer craft events for future brides?

Leave a link below or tweet me on @craftboticq to let me know. Maybe I will have time to squeeze in a third party...


Sara Beth said...

That sounds like an awesome hen event and a great way to get a unique and personal dinner set.

I particularly like the blue and white mug.

Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

Cocalores said...

How cute! Now you really have something to remember this day by. And I agree with Sara Beth, the blue and white mug is the cutest! xo

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

What a wonderful party! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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