Friday, October 18, 2013

One Week Today....

...I will be a married woman. I cannot believe how the time has both flown and dragged at the same time. Life has been so busy and the time when I can finally stand in Mannheim Rathaus and say 'Ich will' to the best bloke I have ever had the fortune to know is nearly here. There is really only one word to describe how I am feeling:


Yes, I'm squeaking in happy excitement like a small child at Christmas (who am I kidding - clearly like ME at Christmas).
The big day will be happening in this building; it is attached to a church so looks gorgeous!
For anyone who caught my engagement post, you will be forgiven for thinking that our wedding is next May. You'd be right. That's going to be the church and party date, but we are crossing the 'I's and dotting the 'T's in 7 wonderful days time.

Before you ask, I'm not even in the slightest bit nervous. Deciding to quit my stable job, sell my flat and emigrate to Germany made me nervous and still gives me the odd wobble, until I realise that I will be going back to stay with my husband in our home in Germany. What a big adventure that will be! Not to mention all of the crafting I will be able to do with Anja of Cocalores when we are just a car journey away.

On top of all of this excitement, I collect my May wedding gown on Monday, have 10 days off work from Wednesday, a big Greek meal and drinks with new friends to look forward too...oh yes, and I will officially become an Auntie to a beautiful 5 week old baby, inherit a whole other family and with any luck the secret cake recipes!

Oh and of course.....

....the best bloke in the whole wide world.
Thank you for reading my self-indulgent catch-up post. I hope you are all well and that you will pop back and visit soon.
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