Monday, October 28, 2013

October Craft Challenge Round Up and Vote - Link Your Upcycling Projects Here!

October has been one of my favourite months of the year and this October quickly became the best October of my life as I got married on Friday! Stay tuned for some updates from the day and photos really soon. Until then, you will need to content yourselves with our Upcycle round-up, where you can link-up your own projects right after voting for which one of ours your love the best.

Before I go ahead with October's vote - it is time to announce the winner of September. I am proud to announce the ranking is:
Results of September Paper Challenge:
1st - PJ's Paper Flowers
2nd - Anja's Map Art
3rd - Rosie's Ruffled Heart
What is your favourite project this month?

 So which is your favourite - I know what I would vote for! The results will be announced next Monday.

 Have you been upcycling recently? If you have then you can link up your upcycled projects today and for the rest of the week. We cannot wait to see what you've been pimping this month.
Thanks for linking up. Remember to go and visit each other's projects!  

Next month the challenge brings Christmas finally to the door. I make no to my wedding, Christmas is the highlight of my year. I just hope that my Christmas craft is one of the crafty highlights of yours. See you soon!

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