Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crafty Details from My first BIG Day!

Last Friday, Andi and I tied the knot in the Rathaus (town hall) in Mannheim, surrounded by our immediate family. In Germany you need to have a 'official' wedding conducted by the Standesamt (registry office) before you are allowed to go on and marry in a church. Although this small celebration, in our minds, is not the BIG celebration we plan to have next May with the bridal gown, church, reception and honeymoon, it was an absolutely wonderful day. My favourite parts, beyond saying 'Ja, Ich Will' were absolutely seeing the little handmade touches in place that I'd started working on in the middle of trying to move house. It was almost worth the crazy rush it helped cause.
Want a sneaky peak at some 'marriage' pictures and my crafty touches? Read on, my friends, read on!
The flowers. I went to the florist the day before the wedding and bought what they had in stock. In total, including wire, florist tape, ribbon and the paper stuff it came to about 15 Euros. Beyond the roses, I have no idea what the blurple coloured flowers are, but what I DO know is that they drop their flowers quickly. Thankfully for us this did not happen until the day after the ceremony! 
The ring cushion. I decided to make a ring cushion using some beautiful aboriginal fabric sent to me by my friend Rebecca who I was visiting in Darwin when Andi and I first met. The little ribbons were hand-stitched on. Rather than buy these, I cut them out of a T-shirt. They are those little hanger things which I always normally end up wearing on the outside of my clothes. We will reuse this next year for the church wedding when we have to re-exchange our existing rings.
The cake. I really should have photographed this once it was finished as it started to melt a bit before we served it. I decided to recreate a cake made for me by a colleague on my hen-do, without a recipe of course. My peach-caramel-cream sponge extravaganza was surprisingly delicious considering the scales broke and I winged it a bit. FYI: Decorating a cake on the morning of your wedding is surprisingly relaxing if, of course, you don't mind getting up an extra 90 minutes earlier to do it! You also need a pretty patient partner who doesn't mind being woken by an electric whisk at 7:30am....
As for being's quite a strange, wonderful, new, unusual, natural, exciting feeling. I still feel surprised to say I have a husband, or to receive post to both of us, or see my new name on the internet appearing a bit like a stranger's. I am being whisked away somewhere as a surprise on Friday before I go back to England for my last 6 weeks in the UK. Be prepared for some serious crafting from Christmas onwards, when I regain my supplies. Until then, there will be some bits and bobs to keep you going.
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