Monday, October 14, 2013

Craft Challenge October: PJ's Poppin' Plate Rack Upcycle

Hey my blogging lovelies - your eyes do not deceive you, I have managed to post the project on the correct day this week. Thank you for the lovely emails and messages you gave me last week - the end of tail-chasing should be seen by next week. Time has flown so quickly that I am going to be a legally married woman in 11 days! It only seems like a couple of weeks ago I was announcing the engagement. Thank goodness the church blessing is not until May; there is still a lot of craft to do. I cannot wait to start when I finally move to Germany forever on the 17th December! Yup, that's close too - 2 months and 3 days away....not that I am counting! Enough about me. Today is all about PJ's upcycling project, which you may have guessed, I love! Check it out:

I absolutely love my project for this months challenge.
Upcycled Plate Rack
 Long time readers might call me out on the fact that this is the second craft that is very similar.  Remember this lovely project?
Record Cart Turned Coffee Cart
 I still love and use this piece daily.
I found this piece for 4.99 at the local Salvation Army.
It's rusty.
Real rusty!
Nothing that some primer and paint can't help me with though.
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the cupboard I scored off craigslist last week.  I love enamel topped cupboards!
I'm seriously obsessed with the patterns on the sides of this thing.
There is room for all of my colorful plates and my larger serving platters.
I cannot wait to have a garden or space where I am allowed to spray-paint. Then the big man (my one, not THE 'Big' man) would keep coming home from work to find lots of brightly-coloured projects scattering the house where once mere metal objects graced our presence. As he reads my blog, I think I may have just given him an incentive to stay in our apartment a bit longer. Ah well...a girl can dream.
Remember you can upload your Upcycle projects on the last Monday in October which is the 28th. Mrs B (or as I will be) shall look forward to seeing them.  
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