Monday, September 16, 2013

September Craft Challenge: PJ's Perfectly Pretty Paper Flower.

I have such a treat for you today. It's P.J's turn to wow us with her paper projects - and if you look at her blog you'll see that it is one of her absolute specialities. I think that I will be stealing this idea for my wedding.....because ANOTHER hand-crafted item is exactly what I definitely need. I could also use another 8 months extra to be ready in time with all of the new projects I'll be adding - although as these are described as 'easy' I might just get away with squeezing them in! Any ideas where?!? Read on and let me know your thoughts in the comment below.
On Sunday I shared the great box of goodies that my new buddy from Real {Cheap} Housewives of Texas sent me as a part of the Package Pals craft exchange.  I immediately fell in love with the fabric broach that she sent to me.  I was curious if I could recreate it in paper.  I can!  And so can you.

You need four different patterns of paper, mine all came from the same book so it all kind of ties together.  I cut three circles in each pattern, six large circles and six smaller circles.  I did 3" and 2" but it's up to you!
The circles are folded in half, but not totally folded.  I left each end unfolded so that the finished flower would have some character.  After that the half circle is folded in thirds, again I only folded the bottom portion so that the top would pop open a little

Fold all the circles the same way.  It takes no time at all.  If you wanted to make a bunch of flowers I would just sit down in front of a good show and fold for an hour or two.

I used hot glue to secure all the larger "petals" to a piece of scrap card stock.

Nothing fancy, just a piece I rough cut.

See how it doesn't lay perfectly flat?

Do the same for the second layer.
Top it off with a decorative button, or sticker.
I used one on a plane wooden frame I covered with another coordinating piece of paper from the same book.

I  used a cute picture of my Lady, because she's real jealous of the new puppy!
I love this project and the use of the different papers. I will be sorting through all of my craft supplies today and then packing 'sniff' I am not sure when (apart from later today) I will be crafting again until I move. I just hope I can get the October, November and December projects finished in time. Well...I am off to pack more things, prepare more lessons and clean stuff. I WILL be writing more again in the future - but you guys know how it gets when those big life changes happen. I think we can agree that moving to a new country, planning a wedding and holding down a full time job is enough for most people. I WISH I had time to even write about it for you. Soon my friends....soon.
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