Monday, September 9, 2013

September Craft Challenge: Adventures with Paper

You haven't gone mad; it was reasonable that you expected this post last week, but unfortunately my return to work meant I was up to my eye-balls in lesson planning. Well there are 5 Mondays in September so I think I can be forgiven! (Please forgive me!) This month the Craft Challenge is to make something with paper - a free choice apart from the material. Before I show you my ruffled heart (a little wedding craft trial), it's time to announce the winners of last month's craft vote. For those of you who missed our garden craft round-up, you can find it here.
August Craft Challenge Results:
1st: Anja's garden chandelier
2nd: PJ's gnome sign
3rd: Rosie's weather mobile
I saw the chandelier in real life over the summer - and I think I would have voted for it too! The following ruffled heart craft is simple enough for me to want to make multiple versions to be displayed at my wedding - although I think I will pick a darker blue or a patterned version for the final 'draft'.
To make the ruffled heart you need: a paper mache heart form or flat cardboard shape, tissue paper with complimentary coloured paint, glue or double sided tape, scissors and a pen.
1. As I only intended to ruffle one side, I painted the whole heart in a colour that matched the paper.
 2. I drew a scalloped shape across the top of the folded tissue paper making a longer garland. Then I cut it out.
 3. Once unravelled I positioned the paper across the heart starting at the bottom. I used double sided tape to attach the paper to the heart form.
 4. Alternate the scallops to create a ruffled effect. As you get closer to the top the top edge of the paper needs to get slightly narrower.
5. Trim the sides to get a uniform edge. Hang....and enjoy...simples!
The next time I make this, I am going to try it on a flat heart shape - I think these might be easier to hang and a great alternative if you do not have access to a Paper Mache shape.

Remember that you too can share your paper craft this month, on the last Monday. You'll be pleased to know that I am now back in the UK and well underway with my next bunting sewing marathon. Let's hope I end up with more than 7 metres this time - only another 53 to go....wahhhhhh. Wish me luck!
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Cocalores said...

What a confusing month, huh? But what a cute craft! You are so busy with all the wedding crafting... 53 metres of bunting? Woot, woot! Can't wait to see all of that! xo

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