Monday, July 29, 2013

What's been cooking this month? July Craft Challenge - Round-up and Vote

Thank goodness for months with 5 Mondays in them! I have had such a busy July. In fact, I can't tell you where it's gone. I have been so busy doing what seems like endless wedding administration, I feel like I have dropped off the planet a bit. I hope to goodness August will be better.

The results came in from the June Challenge to make something from the heart....and it's starting to become a recurring theme!
1st - Anja's mini-book
2nd PJ's cork keychain
3rd - Rosie's modern 'mix-tape' letter. 
(Well done ladies - great ideas again!)

We've had a month of recipes in July. From my Cheese and Chive Muffins, Anja's French Chocolate Cake to PJ's Chicken Salad. Check out the pictures below and then vote for your favourite. Once that is over and done with, why not leave your own summer baked recipe to our challenge link-up. I could always do with some more inspiration.
(Chicken Salad)
So which one will you vote for?
Now it is YOUR turn to link up? Summer is such a great time for discovering new recipes and I hope you will let us indulge in yours.

Next month we are going to be making something fantastic for the garden - or if you are without one, then the challenge is to do a bit of guerrilla craft (making sure you do not break the law....obviously). I have my materials ready to start making, but have yet to buy the dark clothing needed to install it somewhere in the public eye. FINALLY a chance to creep around like a ninja...

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