Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July Craft Challenge - Bake it - or Summer Salad shake it!

I have not disappeared! Please breathe a sigh of relief....I've just been a little preoccupied with all of the paperwork that is needed to sell my flat, get married in Germany and generally organising myself to spend the summer away. I can tell you it's a lot easier going away when you don't have to leave your property spotless for viewing!

The craft challenge is a week behind as I was not home long enough to bake anything for last Monday. I will catch up at the end of the month when we do our round-up post. Until then, the more organised PJ is here today sharing my dinner tonight her gorgeous salad with us. Yum!

Alright!  Craft Challenge 2013 July Bake It!
 *~Disclaimer: I baked NOTHING!~*
 This time of year I try to turn on my oven as little as possible because it's already hot so why add more heat?  Our grill proudly sits by the back door on our deck so it's a quick step outside to throw on some chicken or steaks and dinner is delicious and doesn't make my kitchen a steambath. (Rosie here....how jealous am I of having a garden and grill right now....?!?)
 I always grill too much, because we love leftovers!A few weeks ago I whipped up this delicious chicken salad and it was a huge hit at our house, so I'm sharing!

Holy Moly I am NOT a food blogger for a reason, taking pictures of food is ridiculous.
So I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post.
Leftover grilled chicken
Celery (not pictured)
Mayo and Mustard
Salt and Pepper

The directions certainly are easy, chop up all ingredients and toss together with a small amount of mayo and mustard.
I fully recommend you get yourself a chopper from Pampered Chef, I absolutely love/can't live without mine!

We prefer to marinate our chicken in a garlic herb marinade and that flavor brings a lot to the salad, but if you're not a marinade kind of person that doesn't matter, this is still delicious.
Also, it's up to you to take the skin off or just chop that up too.

The corn is the best part of this dish, it takes the traditional chicken salad and pumps it up with a sweet burst in each bite.  We love it. Serve with tortilla chips or on crusty bread.If you like this, why not come up with your own variation of vegetables that your family loves!  Experiment and create your own signature chicken salad!

Yum! What's even more impressive is that PJ has gone away and still managed to be on time with her post. I really must learn from her.....which is why I will be making my project tomorrow before I go on an official chillaxing holiday. I might be the only person who goes on holiday to one country only to head off on another holiday in a different country for a couple of weeks. It's like a Russian Doll set of holidays....or something like that. 

I would love to say there will be lots of posts next week, but I think we both know that there isn't much internet access in a tent. I will be around this week though. We have too much to catch-up on!
Big squeezes people - until next time... 
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Cocalores said...

Yeah, you and your disappearing stunt! ;-) PJ should really get the award for earliest-craft-challenge-post-ever. Maybe I should try and beat her to it...?
Anyway, don't forget to stop by on your way down south! :-)


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