Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Where to eat in Budapest: the top three picks from our stay

You might not be able to eat as cheaply in Budapest as you could five to ten years ago, but one thing is for sure: there is more to taste in this capital city than your standard Goulash soup and cabbage. In every area there are a number of restaurants, or all cuisines, with a strong identity, tasty eats and budget prices. Here are our top Budapest eateries that will cost you less than 15 euros each AND leave you full to bursting:

1. La Coppola(1053 Budapest Károlyi Mihály utca 19)
We went here on our first night and I thought it may have been THE foodie find of the week. We ate a range of Sicilian food (bruschetta, gnocchi, vino...) and all for less than 15 euros. Incidentally we went back on the night we got engaged for a pizza each (less than 6 euro) and some Prosecco. It was delicious, the décor is modern and the waiters speak English.
2. Menza (1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 2)
This one is in all of the guide books and well worth the visit. We didn't go for lunch which is a cheaper affair, but ate very well for our 15 euros. Menza specialises in Hungarian food, with the occasional nod to the Mediterranean. I ate a baby chicken and vegetables, drank wine and grabbed a floating meringue dessert. It's really close to the Opera too which we went to. The cocktail menu was impressive, but you can expect to pay standard prices for these.
3. Burrita (Október 6. Utca 6, Budapest)
Technically more of a takeaway than a restaurant; this modern eatery is placed near the cathedral and an excellent place to stuff your face for less than 10 euro...nearer 6 in fact. You can choose your filling, salsa and spice meaning that it can definitely entertain a range of taste buds. The drinks range from your usual soft drinks through to hibiscus iced tea (so addictive) and beers. We went twice for lunch and couldn't manage a full dinner afterwards. I had a poorly tummy after the first round, but I have the world's most sensitive digestive system, so it could well have been the spice that I wasn't used to. The boy was fine however, and the second time was much better. Having said that, if you are a little more delicate in constitution I might give it a miss....even though it is very yummy or buy some stomach settlers before tucking in...

There are some well known restaurant and club scams in Budapest. The basic rule is that if there is no menu on display, or if someone is touting outside, avoid. Never accept recommendations from pretty ladies/men or taxi drivers, unless a relative of yours! There are hundreds of great places we didn't get to visit...including a fun looking Cuban place (although that was more for the liquid menu). A quick search of the Trip Advisor Top 100 should bring up some awesome choices for your trip. If not, visit a tourist information stand and ask for a booklet, such as a What's On guide where there will be plenty of advertising. We hired an apartment with Wi-Fi, which meant we could research a bit before going out and find directions in a city where English is definitely a world away.

I would love to find out your tips of where to eat in Budapest. Now it's a 'special' place, I can well imagine we will return one day.
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English Anderson said...

Good to know!!! I'll keep these in mind when we head to Budapest in August :)

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