Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Top 5 Wedding Blogs - For Brides and Romantics!

If you own a bridal magazine, then this might not make comfortable reading. As a recently engaged person (had I mentioned that at all?) I nearly fainted at the cost of wedding publications. I wanted ideas though, so I bought a couple...and while some of the information was really useful, the vendors, fashions, and products were all massively expensive. It's no wonder that the average price of a British wedding is £ many brides read these magazines and think that the standard price for a dress is £3k etc?

A quick search of 'wedding blogs' on Google quickly revealed a plethora of people who write and share their ideas for free. There's the couture bridal sites and then there are ones for people like me: moderate, budget conscious and just a little bit quirky. Even if you are not a bride-to-be, the chances are one of your friends or family are. So please pass on these excellent links and help them plan a wonderful wedding, without having to pay for expensive magazines offering premium priced products (try saying that after a sherry!) Just click on the pictures* to go to the site.

My Top 5 Wedding Reads
This is a great site for gaining inspiration and fantastic British vendors.

Incredible for crafty projects, guides for organisation and inspiration for all aspects of the wedding.
I love how these guys break down the wedding process of lots of reader weddings. It has given me some awesome tips on how couples make decisions which reflect their beliefs and budget.
I love gazing over the real weddings section of this site. It's amazing to see the trends come and go...

This lovely lady has just had a beautiful baby and as a new mum isn't posting as often as she would want. The archive is full to the brim though and many a top tip has already found it's way into my wedding scrapbook.

The best thing about finding these blogs is that I think I will probably end up reading them way after my wedding. There's nothing like a love story to bring a smile to your face. Happy browsing!
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*Some of these screen shots are 'older' versions of the sites.


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