Monday, June 3, 2013

June Craft Challenge - Time For Some Romance

I am way late posting this today, and I have the major guilt factor working as Anja has stepped in to write the first craft challenge post of the month as I was on holiday (and boy will there be lots of news about that this week...). This month we are being ROMANTIC and I cannot think of a better theme. To take part and link up at the end of June you just need to share a project for a loved one - and this can be as creative as you want, from a great recipe, date or gift. I hope that you guys will use it as a way of doing something nice for your loved one. Until then, here's Anja with her awesome June project.
Surprise! It's Monday and this month, I am going first in the Craft Challenge. As all the other girls are having exciting things happening in their lives (I am sure you will here all about it), I am more than happy to step up and post my project first.

As I am not the most romantic type ever (I even forget anniversaries, so you may not want to choose me as your relationship role-model ;-) so of course, this month had me a bit rattled. I decided to go with an "some romantic assembly required" project:

I'm going to show you how to make the book in a step-by-step tutorial - and then it's your turn to fill it with all those special memories, love notes and what-nots! Later you can slip it into your significant other's wallet or give it to him on your anniversary, for example.

Anyhow, I've been making little books like these since I was a kid. I used them as notebooks for telephone numbers in the pre-cellphone days because they fit so easily in my purse.

What you'll need: 
The size of the little book depends on the size of paper that you prepare. I used papers from a notepad, cut them in half, in this is the size I stuck with.
The colored paper should be the same width, but about 1/5 of an inch longer so you can create some sort of bookspine. You will need to cut a cardboard piece to the exact same size as the colored paper. In the later photos I used peach-colored cardboard because it was easier to recognize in the pictures (and the color doesn't matter because it will be covered in fabric).

Step 1: Fold the papers in half.

Step 2: Take five little paper snippets and sew them together. If it makes you feel more secure, then measure the distance from the top of the page and the bottom of the page so it is the same. I free-handed it because it doesn't need to be purrrrrfect.

Step 3: Repeat this step twice. Sew five pages together, and then sew them directly to the other five pages. You'll end of with the inside of your book, consisting of 15 paper snippets (which will be 30 pages).
Of course, any other number works, too. But I have found this number of paper snippets to just create enough thickness so that the book actually looks like a book, and not too much thickness to cause problems with the binding lateron.

Step 4: Prepare the cover (I used peach-colored cardboard) and the colored paper that will be the inside of the cover. The should be the same width as the white paper snippets, but about 1/5 of an inch longer to create the spine which you can see in the photo. Fold them accordingly.

Step 5:  Then start sewing the inside of the book into the outside of the book. A tip: With the needle I punch the tiny holes first through the colored paper and then through the cardboard. That makes it easier to sew them together.

Step 6: Cut the fabric so you have a little bit of excess fabric on all sides. Glue it onto the book cover.

Step 7: Cut away the corners of the excess fabric. Also make some cuts at the excess fabric at the book spine (I think you can see that at the photo below). Then glue and fold the fabric strips into the cover (second photo below). After that, glue the colored paper on the inside onto the cover (last photo).

Step 8: Cut away the excess fabric at the book spine. Ta-dah! You're done.

Okay, this post might have had a lot of photos, but I think with these easy steps everyone can make their own mini-book. 

Now it's time to fill it with love notes, poems, funny memories, little drawings, whatever you can think of. I'm sure your husband or boyfriend will appreciate it. Or how cute would it be if the tooth fairy left this little book under the pillow?

Now I'm really looking forward to the rest of the month - I can't wait to see what Rosie and PJ will come up in the following weeks, while I kick back with a huge cup of coffee and just enjoy reading their posts. 

Don't forget, in three weeks it will be your turn to share what lovely romantic project you have created - and you get to vote for your favorite project this month. Hope to see you then!
This little book thing is so precious. I love it. The results from last month's vote will be announced next week when I am a bit more organised. Right now, I am off to try and edit my hundreds of holiday pictures so that I can give you the low-down on Budapest.

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