Monday, June 17, 2013

Craft Challenge June - A Keychain in PJs Heart!

Do you remember when you moved into your first owned home? I's not difficult for me as it was only four years ago. Despite all of the mess, you are sort of 'in love' with your new space and the prospects to your life/family/sanity it will bring. PJ is going through all of this right now, so be amazed that she found any time to produce a craft for this month's challenge. Once again, the quick craft is key here - I just wish my brain could work these nifty projects out, rather than settling for things with major components.  Remember that next week you can link up your romantic crafts, meals, date ideas etc for the month of June. I plan to steal many of your ideas! Before that, here's PJ!
I might be taking this month's challenge a bit too literally! In case you missed it, I posted last week that T and I have bought our first house. If I have anything to say about it this will be our last house.
Moving is a pain! When we moved in the seller had, so nicely, left a bottle of champagne in the fridge for us. We enjoyed that bubbly the night we closed and officially came "home" I saved the cork. Who are we kidding, I have a craft blog, of course I saved the cork!I thought it was appropriate to make a keychain out of the cork.
 Here's what you need to make a wine cork keychain: cork, keyring, mini eye screws, (optional) Sharpie
Insert the eye screw into the cork, I did several and none of them broke.  Just go slow and don't force it.  Let the threads of the screw do their job.
I wanted to commemorate the date of our closing on this particular cork. Now just assemble the key ring as usual. 

If you're lucky enough to have a deliciously kitschy key holder in your new kitchen then go ahead and display that baby proudly! So there we area, another month of craft challenge done. If you haven't already please check out Rosie's Mixed Tape Twist and Anja's Mini Book.
I have three posts all in draft form waiting for photos and have had since last week. I got a bit overexcited with wedding related craft and research, which I am hoping will turn into more posts for you guys. I am also starting the process of selling my flat for the big move to Germany at the end of the year. I will try my hardest to post more regularly. I promise.
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