Sunday, June 9, 2013

Breaking the rules of wedding planning - the dress edition.

Less than two weeks after we got engaged, with no date set and no idea of where anything is being held....I bought a dress. On the first day of looking, no less...and I have no regrets. I suppose I could sit around and wonder if I could have found another one on the other 4 dress appointments already booked, and I really DID want to have my mum with me when I stumbled across the final choice, but what can you do? If there are tears welling in your eyes and your feel like your other half might cry as you walk down the aisle (the still as undecided aisle) then it's set.

I took a couple of friends with me to a scheduled appointment this morning. I must have wiggled my way into at least 12 dresses. I absolutely decided that a big ass bridal number was not for me. Do you guys know how much those bad boys weigh? I loved a very pretty lace one; but alas that was the one that got away.

The main reason? I mean, have you seen how gorgeous it is?

The cost. I want a special dress for my day. But nearly £900 with alterations and accessories required...I couldn't justify it. I left feeling like I had a better idea of what I wanted; had lunch with the girls and then went home.

You know when you get that nagging feeling about something? Well I had it about this dress, so I started to phone around other stockists. It was the same price...I'm not sure what I expected. As I was looking I came across a store that was closing down with all stock needing to be sold. On a whim, I went inside.

Now before you get excited. The dress I saw earlier wasn't in there for £50 and a packet of crisps. Nope...but THE dress was.

So completely on my own, I set about looking at dresses. The shop assistant was really very nice and suggested some of her stock. She even let me try them on without an appointment (a rarity I can tell you). I tried on the first one - a satin dress with lots of gorgeous embellishment and a stunning, gigantic train. It looked great, particularly the back. I loved it. I forced myself to try on another. It wasn't right. My head was after the first dress. The shop assistant suggested I tried on the third. I was reluctant. The first one was so gorgeous and nothing like I had seen in the morning. Being as she had been so helpful I tried it on.

It was a bit bigger...but I felt a lump well in my throat. I felt really guilty. I felt like I was cheating my mum and friends out of a really huge moment in my life. It was simpler, but I loved it.

Fast forward 1.5 hours....a phone call to my mum, photos being passed back and forth and I was still sat in the shop. I loved both of the dresses for different reasons. Customers came and went, gave me their advice. I was just about to leave and wait to see my the car even...slightly down the road and I saw a girl enter the shop. The thought of her touching, wearing, seeing, choosing my dress made me want to rugby tackle her to the floor.....(the bridezilla thing is real I think).

Did I mention that these samples were 'sold as seen' and half price?

No, well there were. The sight of her in one of the dresses caused a blind panic to ensue. I promptly jumped out of the car, walked into the shop and bought it. I'm going to owe my mum some serious apologies when she comes around this evening.

I just hope that when she sees me in the dress, she will be able to understand why I had to have it. (Update: she was thrilled with it!)

Now I know that wedding dresses take a long time to make, and they use gorgeous fabric, but I was a little disappointed that you couldn't find one for around the £500 mark without it needing to be reduced. There are options though ladies. Had I not happened into this shop and the dress of my dreams my next stop were these guys Kitty & Dulcie. It's all online, cool and affordable. These two had definitely caught my eye:
Countess Carmel Bridal Gown
{Source as above}
Needless to say my dress looks nothing like these! You will have to wait a whole year to see me in it and until then it's top secret. Now I'm off to stare at it hanging in my cupboard....again...

If you guys are married...what did you wear on your wedding day? What would your dream dress look like?

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Sandra Kohlmann said...

I tried on three wedding dresses at the first appointment I went to. I fell in love with the 2nd dress, but it was $10,000. The gal in the shop knew her stock well. It turned out they carried the same dress, but without the train (that I didn't want anyway) and with a zipper, rather than a corset. It was technically a bridesmaids dress. For less than $200 I had the exact dress I wanted and it took me less than an hour to find!

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Keep in mind, my wedding was over 27 years ago! The dress was a simple lace tea length number with just a touch of beading in a color called 'candlelight'. I still love it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Cocalores said...

Now you're teasing us ;-) Gorgeous dresses, can't wait to see the one you actually chose!


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