Monday, May 6, 2013

May Craft Challenge Week 2: Keep Calm and Make Some Wall Art with PJ!

It is 5 months and 5 projects into the Craft Challenge now and I cannot believe how much I am enjoying it. Yes, the little competitive buzz is quite exciting (despite the losing...), but more than that it is a way to keep me crafting more regularly and a way to hang out with two of my blogging buddies every month. I am a mahoosive fan of their projects, so it is an absolute honour to be featuring them each once a month. This month it is all about the Wall Art. I had a long weekend this week (in fact I am on it right now), but instead of making a big crafty mess, I have been on an essential spring cleaning mission. Today it's all about the grading papers (she says, staring out the window at 20 degree sunshine wistfully). Later on I will be allowed out though to shop for some bathroom tiles. Life folks, does NOT become more exciting than this.  Here is PJ's awesome patchwork is this something she only managed to knock out in two episodes of Dr Who?
Oh my goodness you guys, I literally forgot it was my week until Sunday morning. How am I so crazy right now? Getting it together in 3, 2, 1! I just adore Rosie's submission last week, did you guys see how cute her Wall Art was? I don't think you'll be crying into your cornflakes this month Rosie!
 This months craft is a little nod to my ladies across the pond!
 To create it I simply used a canvas, colorful paper, and mod podge.
 I used my Cricut to cut out a lot of different paper in octagons.
I also cut out a square of coordinating paper to tie it all together.
 Then I sat down in front of two episodes of Dr. Who and Mod Podged!
 The idea is that the pieced paper ends up looking a little like a quilt. Please enjoy the fact that I used two light colors right where the AND ended up, oops! I happen to know that I have a frame that is PERFECT for this piece... in storage! LOL, that is my life right now.  Someday soon I really hope I get to completely unpack my life. I love this, it's going to add some great color to my craft space. 
 So far seeing this gal's crafts has inspired house envy, craft envy and quirkiness envy in me....this time....Cricut envy...they are so expensive, but I'd really love one. I'm so over hand cutting stuff - it's 'totes' tedious. Who owns one and fancies coming to live next door so we can share? If I rented the Cricut by the hour it could help with the mortgage, ok then.
Have a super splendid week and I hope to catch you soon. I have lots to write to y'all about and have nearly found my motivation button. Hear that marking! I'm coming to get ya!Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


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