Monday, May 27, 2013

May Craft Challenge - Link-up your wall art projects

I promised you guys I would post this month's craft challenge linky again this week so that you had time to finish your wall art projects and share them with the rest of the Craft Challenge crew. If you turned up last week then you'll know I am on holiday right fact I might well be enjoying my dinner cruise birthday present on one of the rivers in Budapest. I love my thoughtful boyfriend. Want to chuck up your lunch yet? No?

Well that's good, because next month we are making our crafts 'romantic' and I hope you'll join us too so that I have lots of ideas to romance my boy back again in July.

Here's a quick reminder of the crafts PJ, Anja and I made this month:

I cannot wait to see what you folks have made to put on your walls. You can link up your wall (or ceiling) art projects below. Please be aware that you if you link up anything else (be it food, your shop...something beautiful but not for a wall), then I'll have to delete it from the linky.

I look forward to browsing your projects when I arrive home. Right before I tell you guys all about Budapest.... did I mention I'm on holiday...
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