Monday, May 13, 2013

May Craft Challenge: How to decorate the fifth wall (or the ceiling to you and I)

I don't know how we are in the second week of May...I promised heaps of Wall Art related loveliness, but the projects have alas not left my brain and transformed into reality yet. Some of this is due to the fact I don't have much wall space left to decorate, unless you count the re-tiling I need to do in the bathroom. Hopefully, something will happen this week and I won't have broken my promise to you for lots of crafty wonderfulness. I have also written a number of posts, despite not being very present online last week. I just lacked the essential few moments to finish them off with pictures and sexy shiny graphics....I am nearly reaching the point when I am prepared to publish without...well nearly...So until you hear from me again, here is Anja's amazeballs (awful student 'youth-speak') wall art project.

I'm not into art. I love going to museums and looking at wonderful paintings, but I am not the type of person to put lots of stuff on her walls. In fact, I only own two pieces of art. So this month's craft challenge "Wall art" was not really something that just filled me up with inspiration, I have to say (especially after I saw what PJ and Rosie had already made - really hard to beat that!).

Technically a room has four walls, a ceiling and a floor, right? Well, I look at it more as some kind of box with six walls (yeah, I know that's cheating, but it's all for creating a cute project ;-) because my wall art is ceiling art.

As you might remember from last month's craft challenge, I am still in the process of turning my boring office into a really charming girly office where working is fun. I painted the walls, stenciled another wall, built a desk secretary, and now it's time for some art!
 What you'll need to create your own flower lamp:
  • a cute flower punch
  • paper in a color of your choice 
  • a cheapo lamp
  • all-purpose glue
1. Punch out lots of flowers (and I mean: LOTS). Gently fold their edges.

2. Assemble the paper lantern lamp and start gluing the flowers where you want to have them. I put them in a way that ressembled branches, sometimes one on top of the other to create more texture.

 3. And after some time you'll be done!

4. Now attach your piece of art to the ceiling (or get your handsome handy husband to do it!) and then switch it on. Ta-dah!

Okay, I know that it isn't necessarily wall art, but it hopefully counts as some sort of art ;-) There's been too much work and stuff to take care of recently that I can't really tell floor from ceiling right now.

Anyhow, next week you can show us what kind of wall art (or ceiling art) you have created by linking it up - and you can vote for your favorite project this month: Rosie's alphabet nursery art, PJ's quilt art or my wall art flower lamp.

I definitely count a ceiling as a wall. Have you guys ever seen how cute a patterned ceiling can be in the right context? It's definitely worth a Pinterest search that is for sure! You guys are probably thinking that we are a week early on the Craft Challenge front this month...and you'd be right. We are holding our monthly round-up next week as I am on holiday the week after. I am going to visit me some Budapest...whoop! What will you guys be linking up next week?

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