Monday, May 20, 2013

Craft Challenge May: Round-up, Link-up and Vote!

I know what you're going to tell me: I'm a week early - the link-up is not for another week. Well normally you'd be right, but this month we were blessed with more weeks than we needed and I'm going to Budapest on Saturday. I'm so excited! My lovely boyfriend has just surprised me with a dinner cruise as part of my birthday present, and we have tickets for an opera, so I anticipate an epic holiday. If you are not quite ready with your crafts, don't worry - I'll leave the Linky open for two weeks and post it again next Monday so you can find us easily.

I couldn't leave for a week of frivolity without seeing what wall art you guys made. You can link up below the round-up of our attempts. Next month we're making something 'romantic'...and my thinking cap is truly on. I can't think of anything to make! Luckily for me PJ is taking week one this month while I scratch my head and figure out what to do.

In better news, my friend loved the picture I made for her son's nursery - except they've had to take it off the wall because he is so fascinated by it, he keeps trying to play with it! Too cute...

So now it's tie to vote for your favourite project.
I cannot wait to see what you folks have made to put on your walls. You can link up your wall (or ceiling) art projects below. Please be aware that you if you link up anything else (be it food, your shop...something beautiful but not for a wall), then I'll have to delete it from the linky.

Thank you so much for sharing. I will be stealing all of your romantic ideas in June to pack in my suitcase to go and see my boyfriend.  The two months of summer together is so tantalisingly close, I can't wait. Maybe strolling hand in hand through Budapest might help me to feel a bit more romantic!

Until then...
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