Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Plus Party Week 2: Google Plus and Bloglovin' Hop

I had so much fun last week meeting everyone who followed Craftbotic. I added all of you to my reading lists and have loved checking out some fresh content over the last week. I really love it when blog hops open your eyes to new subjects that perhaps you wouldn't search for. An example of this is your typical 'beauty' or 'mummy' blog. While I don't write about either of these topics, I do like reading about them. As a teacher, I like to remind myself what it is like to actually have your own kids 24 hours a day and well, the beauty stuff? I need all the help I can get! I hope that this week will allow me to meet many new friends. So without further rambling.... 
Welcome to The PLUS Party #2!
The idea behind this hop is to help us all stay in contact after the demise of Google Reader. That sinking ship means that everyone is now looking for another way to follow.

Bloglovin is quickly becoming the feed reader of choice among bloggers. If you haven't claimed your blog on Bloglovin yet, just go to bloglovin.com, search for your blog's url, and follow the steps to claim it as your own. Then link it up below!

Google Plus is becoming more and more popular and necessary for bloggers. This is another great way to communicate with other bloggers and promote your content. Link up your profile or page below!
The other way to look at the hop is that it's a great way of widening your community. This is always my primary reason for taking part in blog hops and why I was able to co-host this one in the first place!

The Plus Party will run every Tuesday this month, so mark it on your calendars! We'd also love it if you could share the hop through your social media and/or post our button somewhere on your blog.

Want to co-host? Contact Megan at Shaping Up To Be A Mom for more info!

Make sure to follow the host and co-hosts, and then link up and party on!


Co Hosts:

I would love it if you have linked up, if you would share the hop with all of your fellow blog friends. The more the merrier and all that jazz. Until next week, hoppers!
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