Monday, April 29, 2013

May Craft Challenge - The A-Z of Wall Decor (Presents for Small People)

It's nearly May, the month of my birthday, the time of the year when Spring should have fully arrived (hear that weather) and even better, it's nearly summer. For our craft this month we are making Wall Décor.....there's no budget limitations, unlike last month, but I am still keeping things cheap and chic.

The results from last month's challenge vote is as follows. I cried into my cornflakes a bit this morning over this one peeps. Clearly I'm the only tea drinker on this blog!
1st: PJ's Moustache Tray (by one mark)
2nd: Anja's Damask Wall Stencil
Technically 3rd: Rosie's Tea Pot Garland (ZERO VOTES PEOPLE!!)
That'll teach me not to tell my mum I'm in a competition :-)
I'm going to channel my stiff British Upper Lip for the next round - I hope you like my wall art better than my budget attempts.
I saw a picture like this selling for A LOT of money in a home store and had one of those moments where I turned to a friend and said confidently: 'I could make that for a quarter of the price'. And do you know what? I did! I also decided to make it for her son, who I am now a God-parentish person for.
To make this you need: paint samples, wooden letters (usually in the kiddie craft section), a canvas and glue.
  • Paint the canvas until it is matt and not streaky. I needed two coats.
  • Paint the letters. I picked out the initials of the little boy in a darker blue. Hopefully when he is older than 18 months he will recognise that it belongs to him by the letters.
When all is dry, space them out on the canvas until you have an arrangement you loved. I stuck to lines to avoid it becoming an eye-chart - although for an adult, an eye-chart might be quite cool! Glue in place and then leave to dry.
I haven't given the gift yet and I am not sure the little boy will be bowled over with joy just yet - preferring to throw most things and himself all over the place at the moment, but I am pretty sure his yummy mummy will be pleased.  It will look pretty cute in his nursery and will be something that he grows with until he goes to school.
There will be other attempts at wall art from me over the course of this month and you can also look forward to what PJ and Anja come up with. What wall art do you think you will make?
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holli said...

When is your birthday? Mine is May 17. Go Taurus!

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