Thursday, April 25, 2013

Has anyone seen my brain?

Have you ever just felt like there is nothing left to give? I have had an exhausting, emotional few weeks and I think my brain may have shut up shop recently.  I don't have writer's block in the traditional sense, I've just felt the need to be quiet and stare into space a bit more often. That's why the blogging has been a little bit more sporadic - I just don't have enough neurons firing to string a sentence together. Seriously, these few have already taken 15 minutes!

Work is consuming quite a lot of my thoughts recently. My passion for teaching has increased proportionately over the year and I'm now inventing, experimenting and engaging with new ideas all of the time. After a day of buzzing around organising various Rosie shaped projects, I haven't managed more than sinking into Pinterest or more than likely the goggle box. Even trying to chill out at work for the last couple of days hasn't this what 'burn out' feels like?

My holiday in Germany was great, but like a distant memory. My parents came over for the final four days to meet A's folks and see where I spend my holidays. It was a great time, though shattering. Translating, organising and being active for 12 hours day may not have been the best idea before a busy term at work. The great outcome is that the parents got on with each other. Well, as well as people who can't talk properly with each other can. That German/English language divide can be almost funny when you stick the older generations together.

I was barely back at work before I was off at a national poetry reciting competition with one of my students. It was an awesome 72 hours or so, at the National Portrait Gallery no less. Incorporating a Saturday meant that Sunday was a 'heap on the sofa', I'm at the tail end of a parent's evening and shaking my head to see if there is anything left to rattle around.

I know that you good folks of blog land can forgive my lack of posting. I am hoping for a return of cognitive function soon and when that happens, they'll be no shutting me up.

Take care,
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Deborah Owen said...

I can so relate on the "starring into space".....I had to take a break from my blog....crafting and painting....and just had to "sit and be".....and it did me a world of good. Now, I feel refreshed and have even discovered Pinterest!

Bethany Lee said...

I know how you feel. Sometimes it is so tough to do your everyday job and take care of your everyday duties and still have the energy and inspiration to blog. Your inspiration will return soon, though. Just take some time for yourself, friend, and don't feel guilty at all. :)

Cocalores said...

Even with your brain scattered all over the place you're still one of the brightest people I know =)



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