Saturday, April 6, 2013

Give your shirt collar some pop! A tutorial on how to make a spotted shirt collar.

You have probably noticed that I made this tutorial under the theme of last month's Craft Challenge. Time seemed to accelerate recently and I quite literally forgot I had edited all of the photos. Ah well, better late than never, right?
There are a lot of fancy collars on shirts these days, so I wondered how easy it would be to make my own. It turned out to be pretty simple to create a basic dotted pattern using fabric paint and some sticky-back plastic (you know the stuff you covered books with at school). I expect you could just as well use freezer paper, but us Brits don't have the luxury of it unless it's a special order.
To make a dotted shirt collar you need:
1) A washed, dry shirt
2) Fabric paint or crayons
3) A hole punch or craft punch (if you want a different shape)
4)An iron
5) A sheet of paper for pressing.
To cut the paper for the collar you just need to lay it flat on top of the transparent paper. Draw around the edge and then cut out. In order to punch the holes and make a pattern, I cut the collar into sections, numbering it to make sure I could then stick it on in order.
When finished, take the back of the sticky paper, place it on the collar and paint over the dots. Carefully peel off the plastic before fixing the dye. My fabric crayons required me to place some paper on top of the paint and iron over the top. If your pattern goes wrong, you can always wash the shirt and start again! I liked my sometimes slightly wonky dots, so fixed the pattern and popped the shirt on to show you.
What do you think?
The next one I make, I am busting out the star punch.
I am looking out for a bargain denim shirt right now so that I can add some cool collar decals with sequins. When I find it, I'll be sure to share how that goes with you. Everyone needs their own rhinestone cowboy shirt, right?
I'm off to visit another schloss and have me a coffee. Happy Saturday folks!

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soitwasweekend said...

Aww, that's so cute! Awesome idea to just work with the collar.

Love, Midsommarflicka

Lieke said...

So cool! Again very original! I also bought a few applique figures to iron onto shirts to make some cute shirts for my little niece.

Cocalores said...

Cute, polka dots are always a winner. I have been thinking about doing something with the underside of the collar of one if the shirts I have. Welk, not going to happen anytime soon, so I applaud your determination! xo

Rebecca @ Herons Crafts said...

This looks so good! I love the polka dots and simplicity of it! It looks really effective!


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