Monday, April 8, 2013

Craft Challenge 2013: PJ's Moustache Tray

There are moments folks when you receive your co-host projects in your inbox and you open them up, love it, admire the genius and then kick yourself repeatedly for not thinking of it first. PJ's project for this month's Craft Challenge Budget Décor theme PERFECTLY sums up her fun, vibrant personality. I think I might love to live in her house. Do you think she would let me display my teapot garland I shared with you last week? It would clearly be compensation for losing to her for the second month in a you hear that PJ? I'm moving in! 
Let's check out her Moustache tray:
Remember the idea of this month's challenge is to make something for the home for no more than $10.
You need: 
 Thrifted Wooden Tray (1.99)
Mod Podge (4.99 - 40% = 3.00)
White Spray Paint (2.97)
Two sheets of mustache stickers (2.00)
This project can be made for $9.96!
It cost me less if you want to break down the fact that I already owned the ModPodge and the spray paint and both of those were not used up in this project.
 First off, give  your tray a healthy dose of spray paint

 Next, apply your stickers.  I went with mustaches because I saw a tray like this from ZGallerie on my Instagram feed back in December, and loved it!
 How fun are these? I love moustache stuff!
 Give it a couple of coats of ModPodge and let dry. 
Isn't it great? I am so impressed with this project. I nearly made a tray based project for the $10 challenge, but am glad it isn't being compared with this right now! You can find more PJ awesomeness on her blog Planned in Pencil. Anja will be crafting for us next week and then you guys can link-up your posts on the 22nd April. Until then, check out our past crafts and some of our favourites on the Craft Challenge Pinterest board.
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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

I really wanted to try a resin top, but that would have put me way over budget. Im glad you like it! He's adorable. Now as far as moving in, well it would be a tight squeeze but we could make it work.

Alyx said...

What a fun project! And who says you have to do mustaches? The possibilities here are endless!! Love it.


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