Monday, April 1, 2013

April Craft Challenge 2013: Time for Tea Garland

Spring is apparently here (somewhere under the grey sky or snow I gather) and I cannot wait to see some more daylight, sunshine and pretty flowers bursting into life. Until then, I am going to make do with the Budget Décor part of the Craft Challenge and see if I can bring some joy to the inside of my home - which let's face it, is where I am spending most of my time right now due to the freezing weather!
If you want to join in this month's challenge then all you have to do is make something beautiful for your home which costs less than $10 or the equivalent in your currency. It's something like 7 euros and 6 pounds 50 or so at the moment. Then pop back on Monday 29th April to link-up your Budget Décor crafts.
Last month we were making items to wear. I'd like to thank everyone who voted in the final link-up and am pleased to announce the Round 3 results:
1st - Planned in Pencil's Apron (95% of the votes here went here and I'm not surprised.)
2nd - Craftbotic's Oven Baked Earrings
3rd - The Cocalores Collar
You can find all of these posts in our round-up here or on our Pinterest board.
I'm excited for my project this month as it is cheap, celebrates one of my greatest loves AND
I actually really like the end result. First this morning I was unsure if it would be ready in time, but a little bit of common sense advice from the boy and all ended well. (Just don't let him know how much he helped or his head might grow...
To make the 'Time for Tea' Garland, or indeed any garland of your choice, you need:
1. Air drying clay (I LOVE this stuff for making decorations)
2. Rick-Rack (I used 120cm.)
3. A knife, rolling-pin and tooth pick
4. A cookie cutter you already own- mine is tea-pot shaped.
5.Some baking paper
6.  If you are pressed for time: an oven at its lowest heat.
TOTAL COST: £3.50 rounded up.
Use about 1/3 of the clay at a time and wrap the rest up carefully. Roll our your piece so it is about 3-5mm thick, depending on your preference.
Use your cookie cutter to cut out the shape. Before you lift it, you will make a more defined shape if you pull the edges away from the cutter first.
Check the width of your ribbon or rick-rack. Use your knife to make two slots making sure they are open on both sides. I used a tooth-pick to do this. If necessary make them a little wider than you'd think.  Smooth the edges of your shape and place on a baking sheet somewhere flat.
When you have enough shapes you have two options. You can let them dry for a couple of days or stick them in the oven for 3-4 hours at a very low heat. If you leave them to 'air-dry' then you should place baking paper on the top and then weight it with something flat. I used a box of cereal. They will curl if you leave them. If you think your shape would benefit from some curling then leave them! In the oven it's okay not to weight the shapes down. Press gently while still warm to flatten after the 3-4 hours is over. Take care not to burn yourselves though...obviously.
When dry, you can thread your Rick-Rack through. This gives the teapots a little decoration. Pretty ribbon would work well too and if you aren't afraid of a paintbrush, you could also put on your own decorations. I like the simplicity of the white tea-pots, however, and this will go under my windowsill in the kitchen when I take it back to England. Before I pin it, I will cover the ends in some clear tape to prevent fraying.
FYI - the 'Make tea not war' sign was more bargain decoration. A piece of wood, paint, time and about 5 euros helped make that this time last year!
I really hope that you like my project and are inspired to make your own garland. I made enough teapots to use for other projects which you will no doubt see appearing on Craftbotic sometime soon. For the time being I would love to know what shape you would use for your garland? What best represents you?

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Jess @ Spool and Spoon said...

OH MY GOSH! That little garland is too cute but I neeeeeeeed your "Make tea not war" sign. Mine would most definitely say coffee but seriously, that's so fantastic.

hibiscuschica said...

I love this, the teapots are so cute! Mine would probably be heart or star shaped, but that´s because I do not have this teapot shape! Cx

Cocalores said...

These teapots really are adorable - I didn't even know teapot cookie cutters existed. Definitely something to think about for Christmas baking =) I should definitely do some more decorating ;-)


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