Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Blog Angels - The Halfway 'How's it going?'

This post should probably be entitled 'meet some of the nicest bloggers on the block', but then you might have thought it were a sponsor post. It isn' is just an opportunity to celebrate the group of gals who have signed up to be someone's Blog Angel this month. What does being a Blog Angel mean?
It's a unique task. When you sign up to be a Blog Angel, you sign up to be nice to someone in secret: follow their blog, promote their posts behind the scenes, leave lovely comments and develop a relationship with them. Although lots of people chose to help new blogs, there are many who lend their hand to those 'bigger' (please not the deliberate inverted commas), forming a personal relationship them through comment and blog friendship.
I admire these girlies because they are taking whatever time they have and using it to make someone else happy and feel like their writing is worthwhile. They do it with no expectation of help in return. 100% altruistic loveliness.
So are you reading this thinking, I want to be a Blog Angel. Well you can in June, if you want to. All you have to do is save the date (15th June - 30th June) and come back and sign-up to join in the fun. Feel free to take or pin my button to remind yourself to head back.
It's now time for our current Blog Angels to link-up their halfway posts, letting me know how it is going for them. Remember ladies NOT to reveal the name of the blog you are helping. Instead let us know (as best you can), what you've been doing to help, give your top stealth kindness tips and what you are gaining (or not) from your participation.
(Anyone who links-up and isn't a current Blog Angel or has confused this for a craft linky, then you've got the wrong week! I'll have to delete your entry in any case, so just double check what post you link to.)
The rest of blog land - go and see what these rockin' chicks have been up to and tell them I said Hi! 

Thank you so much for being part of the Blog Angel's community or even just taking an interest. Cheesily, I still believe that together the Blog Community can be a really friendly place.
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Alana said...

Hi Rosie, we've just done our halfway update but it looks like the linky is closed. Here it is if you're interested :-) x

Lieke said...

Hi Rosie, same goes for me... it looks like it is closed earlier than normally or maybe it is just me...

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