Monday, March 11, 2013

March Craftbotic Craft Challenge 2013 - A Perfectly PJ Apron

It's Monday again, already! This week it is PJ's entry into the monthly challenge. Once again, she has come up with an original project and I'm really excited to be sharing it with you. If you want to PIN the project, can you please do it from PJ's site Planned in Pencil? I don't want to be taking credit for a project that isn't mine! Scroll to the bottom to find out some exciting news about what is on the blog tomorrow!
If you didn't see my clay baked earrings from last week you can find them here. For today, let's welcome P.J and her awesome jeans to apron project. 
I have been percolating this project since DECEMBER!  When my favourite pair of jeans fell victim to fat girl syndrome (aka - that dreaded hole where your legs rub together when you walk)
I thought about doing it for the first month, when we used leftovers, and I also thought about doing it last month when we did repurposed items.  This would qualify for both.

 First, cut out the front of your ruined jeans.

 You need one yard of fabric.
 Cut three six inch strips, and three eight inch strips. 
 Sew the strips together.  Thanks to my mom's awesome lessons last year I learned that the best way to do this is by sewing on the diagonal, not just sewing the two pieces together like you would any other seam.

 Sew from one corner to the other.
 Open and press. 
 I used the six inch segments and folded it in 1/2. then simply pinned the pleats in place around the bottom of my jeans.  Sewed in place.
 I really had no idea if this was going to look right, but it turns out that I love it!  Originally I was going to ruffle the fabric, but as it turns out the home decor fabric I used could not be ruffled, it was just too heavy! 
 To create the waistband and ties I took the eight inch portions and combined them, then folded it like you would bias tape. 
 Pin to the existing waistband of the jeans (you need to cut that button out, no machine in the world can handle that button!)
 Please appreciate that many people in my town have now seen me tying an apron on to the tree in front of my apartment, this is just going to add to the rumour of my craziness!
I chose to keep my pockets open because I thought I could use them as I cooked, but if you'd prefer you could definitely sew those shut.
 How awesome is this project? A bit too good for my (competitive) liking. I will be watching through my fingers when I see Anja's post next week. 
I only realised yesterday that it is Craftbotic's first birthday tomorrow. So come back for some free social media buttons and to enter an ad-space giveaway. It is also Blog Angels sign-up week. On Friday the process starts for April again. I would love to see you on both days.
Take care, 
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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Oh come on we're not competitive, are we? Lol. I mean just because Im going to start calling myself 'second place PJ' hahaha!

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