Monday, March 4, 2013

March Craft Challenge 2013: Oven Bake Earrings!

Welcome to March's Craft Challenge! Following on from the  February's Repurpose Challenge, we are now making something cool to wear. If you can put it on your body, we're trying to make it! You can join in with the project too. Come back on Monday 25th March and link-up your  'Wear it!' projects! Before then Anja, PJ and I will be sharing our projects with you each week.
Before I share my project with you, some of you might be wondering about last month's vote. Thank you to all 31 people who voted. It was a two horse race this time and sadly that didn't include me! I'm chuffed for Anja and PJ though, both projects were really amazing.
Round 2 results:
1st - Cocalores (Ikea Magazine Rack to Desk Organiser)
2nd - Planned in Pencil (Vintage Suitcase)
3rd - Craftbotic (Cushion Cover to PMT pack)
You can find all of these projects here.

For this round I had a number of projects in my mind, none of which I actually quite got around to completing. Saturday came and I still had lots of half finished projects. Choosing one was really hard considering the beating I received in February's round. So yesterday I finished four projects and like all of them, but picking something that might win is very hard. I hope you like them!
To make these earrings you need:
 - Polymer Clay (the stuff you cook in the oven)
 - Silver plated earring posts
 - Tacky Glue and Modge Podge
 - A paintbrush
 - Pretty papers and/or washi tape.
You can see that I have made a few pairs of earrings in different shapes. I also gathered some supplies I had about the place for potential decoration.

To make the earrings it's pretty easy and quite fun to experiment. To make your clay workable you will probably have to knead it for quite a while. Try and do this over a table. I used baking paper to stop it sticking to furniture.

 I started by making two small balls of clay. I used the earring back to squash the earrings into a flat shape. I then took a small ball of clay and placed it through the spike before gently covering the backing completely. By carefully attaching the backing clay you will create a seal that when baked takes away the need to glue on backs.

After baking the earrings according to the packet instructions, you will need to make sure they are hard and cool before starting to decorate.
To decorate I took various materials, including lace which I didn't like once they were completed! I used a tacky glue to stick the two pieces together. Once dry, I trimmed around the edge with a knife. I probably could have used scissors to make it a bit neater.

I then covered the whole surface, edges and a little of the back in a thick coat of Mod Podge. Once dry, they are ready to wear!
I love the patterned paper and different shapes. Had I cut the round one out a bit neater, it would be perfect, but I'm a bit wonky. so it suits my style perfectly! What doesn't is that sneaky grey hair in the right-hand picture. It's time for a home hair colour, methinks!

I hope you love the earrings as much as I do. I would also love, love, love it if you made something to wear and share in this month's craft challenge. We've had such a marvellous turn out so far!
Here's the rest of our schedule, in case you want to see what project we have going next.
I'm not sure if I have a winning project, but it's definitely a fun one and something you can make while the kiddies or grand kiddies use up the left overs!
Take care!
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