Monday, March 18, 2013

Craftbotic Craft Challenge, March 'Wear It': A Cute Collar from Cocalores

  Hi again my lovely crafters and fashionistas! That's right it's week three of the Wear it! Challenge and Anja from Cocalores is ready to take the bloggy stage today. Click on the links to see my oven bake earrings and PJ's Jean Apron. Don't forget that next week it is YOUR turn to link up YOUR projects. You can also vote for which of our projects you like the best. Once again it's a closely run race!

Here's Anja, with her totally Cocalores Project
For this collar necklace you just raid your craft stash and hopefully find the following:
  • felt
  • sequins
  • beads
  • ribbon
  • fabric glue
  • needle and thread
  • newspaper (for the pattern)
Step 1:
Start by drawing the pattern onto newspaper. When you have cut it out, put it around your neck and see if that's the shape you want your collar to have. Then trace it onto the felt twice (front and back of the collar).
Step 2:
Decorate your collar with the sequins. It's definitely easier if you find ribbons with sequin appliqé. If not, you have to sew them on by hand.

Step 3:
I threaded beads (different colours) on a string. After finishing the thread, I appliqued it onto the collar.
Step 4:
Sew your satin ribbon onto the corners of your collar. Then apply fabric glue on the back of the felt and glue the second felt collar onto it. Cut off any protruding felt.
  And that's what it looks like worn by someone who doesn't care for being photographed (... uhem, me).Despite the poor quality of the photos, I still hope you enjoyed this post! I can't wait to see all the fantastic projects you'll kick my butt with at the link-up next Monday.
Well, I for one am hoping for a cute collar like this. I can imagine it complimenting all of those spring pastels really nicely.
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