Friday, March 15, 2013

Blog Angels April 2013: Sign-Up is NOW Open!

Welcome to the Sign-Up for Blog Angels April 2013. If you have never heard of the project, it is a great way to connect with other bloggers, encourage a community spirit in blog land and have a bit of fun. No blog is too big or too small to take part. As a minimum you agree to comment on a blog a couple of times a week....and the maximum, well, the sky's your limit.

In the past people have: tweeting, pinned, featured, displayed buttons, arranged guest posts, written encouraging emails, invited them to take part in bloggy projects and generally become bosom buddies with their blogger.

The only part that can be tricky, is that it is a SECRET! Well, until the end of the month when you reveal that you have been helping out. You can read more about the February Angels and their involvement here. If you still want more info, then try the Blog Angel's page too.

So if you want to try your hand at being a Blog Angel you need to be able to do the following:
1. Choose a blog to be an angel for. This could be a new reader, one of your random Twitter or Facebook followers, someone you are just connecting with, or even one of the ladies asking for some help below.
2. Be able to commit to writing a half-way 'how it's going' post that you will link up on April 15th.
3. Commit to writing and linking up a final 'reveal' post on April 30th.
4. Agree to as a minimum comment on two posts a week (or an equivalent act of kindness).

I will be in contact to confirm that you are able to look after that blog; I will make sure that no-one has picked the same person. Remember to check you email all the way up to 31st March and if you do not hear from me get in emails may have ended up in your Spam comments.

 If you would like some help from a Blog Angel - please link your blog here:
Please remember that by advertising yourself on here, you are not definitely guaranteed a Blog Angel. If you've not yet signed up to be an Angel; please consider may not think you 'know' enough about blogging yet, but you can always comment, pin and be friendly! Everyone can do that.
One last thing: if you are worried about the 'death' of Google Reader...and possibly the demise of GFC, then I would suggest you get on Blog Lovin'. It's my favourite reader and it will transfer all of the blogs you 'follow' in a few easy steps. Here their step-by-step guide to show you how (people move quickly, don't they!?).
There are lots of other platforms to read on, but Blog Lovin' is my favourite. I'm going to be switching my feed over this evening! You will be in good company. Over 50 of my current readers appear to have already made the hop over. Thanks if you're one of them!
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Laura said...

I have just migrated all my blogs! Thanks for the tip and new site - I was worried it would take flipping ages to move all my follows over but it was easy peasy!

Amanda Mae said...

I would love someone to help me out. I love blogging, but I feel like I need a lot of help with my design and writing.

Lieke said...

Hi Rosie, I am in (again...) but I was wondering if maybe you can assign a blog to me? I would love to meet new people and maybe one of the bloggers that sign up needs some help...?

Sewgorgeous said...

Hi Rosie,
I've signed up to help a blog but haven't heard back from you as to whether or not I can have my first choice..
would love to hear back from you!!

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