Thursday, February 21, 2013

Romance in the Air AND on my Table!

My procrastination rose (genuinely not an intentional pun) to new heights yesterday....but who cares when I can look at the table and see these pretty flowers? I went budget decor shopping and ended up with a very romantic, spring flower display.

To recreate it, you would need: a 'fishbowl' style vase, some water balls (beads....or whatever those absorbing ball things are), some roses, scissors and an elastic band.
 So in short I:
  • put the water balls in the bowl adding a couple of inches to it. At this point it looks like frogspawn or worse, but it will eventually look more like bubbles as above!
  • strip the roses of all leaves.and arrange them into a bouquet in your hand. Leaving about 6 roses outside, secure the small cluster in a rubber band. Chop them to the desired length and so they sit inside the bowl.
  • Then balance them in the centre of the bowl. Using the remaining 6 roses (with slightly longer stems) rest them around the edge of the bowl, on top of the balls. These act as little wedges to keep the bouquet centred. 
  • Lean back, and feel smug! It was THAT easy.
I also bought the little cup in a sale in the shop. It's in the process of becoming a candle in the photo above. To make a teacup candle follow Martha Stewart's instructions. I didn't....nothing went that wrong, but I wouldn't recommend melting a combustible material without some instruction (not everyone is as daft as me!)

Then I used the pretty new washi tape that Anja and I found when craft shopping on Tuesday to beautify a tealight. Put together it transformed into the perfect girly centrepiece AND a suitably romantic addition to my 2 year anniversary celebrations. Congratulations me!
Do you have any other washi tape projects you can recommend to me? I have seen the usual on Pinterest, but want something really interesting!
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Rebecca @ Herons Crafts said...

I love this Rosie! It is so pretty! Makes me feel very spring-like- pity the weather doesn't get on board - I am so ready for it not to be sooo cold!

Laura Ryder said...

I love it! I can almost hear the birds chirping...seriously love crafts that even I can do!


Laura said...

Very pretty :-)

Zena said...

So very pretty

Lieke said...

Super cute!!! I love the roses and the way they are displayed! And you guys look so cute!

ifs ands Butts said...

presh presh and y'all are presh!

Cocalores said...

Very pretty, as usual! Hope you guys had a great anniversary! :-)

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