Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Resolutions in Motion: Round 2 - The Link-Up and Giveaway

This is it...we've made it to the end of Resolutions In Motion: Round Two! I hope that everyone made serious progress on your goals or maybe even accomplished your goal completely. Whatever the outcome, we want to hear how and what you did. Make sure to link up a blog post to the linky below, so that you can enter to win our fantastic prizes.

I made some definite progress towards my goals, but haven't quite completed all of them. I wanted to set up a sponsor page and button for offering paid sponsorship on my blog. As yet, there are no takers, but at least it's there right? For those of you who aren't aware, all of the proceeds from my sponsorship will be donated to charity to help research for Pancreatic Cancer treatment/cures. 

My second target was to make sure I spent 30 minutes per week writing down ideas for my first ebook. I pretty much did this for 5/6 weeks and have made good progress. Maybe by May I will be ready to start writing a draft.

The final target was to make some pre-made blog designs to sell later on in the year. I designed one and then a good blog friend of mine asked if I would update her page (such a compliment). All proceeds from this will be going to charity too. Despite the fact her page is a work in progress, at least I have one donation definitely on its way. Here's my other design:
 Don't ask me how I sell them, market them, price them, send them to people. I have no idea. If you DO have a clue on how to do this, I would LOVE some advice please lovely blog ladies.  
In the meantime, I cannot wait for Round 3 where I hope to address some more of my crazy life/blog plans! 

Before we get on with the linky and giveaway, let us remind you of our amazing sponsors and prizes:

Read more about our featured sponsors and prizes here!

Read more about our challenge sponsors and prizes here!

A big thank you to everyone who participated and/or sponsored Resolutions In Motion Rounds One and Two! We've had fun and been inspired, and we hope you will continue to work toward all of your goals this year.

Quick note about the giveaway: Because of the nature of this challenge (everyone receives a prize!), we have to wait until the linky is over before we can assemble the prize packs. Only after the linky ends will we be able to know how many prize packs we need, and then we will award them. There are two required giveaway entries: one is to linkup your final post, and the other is to pick a few of your top prize choices. After that, you can complete as many of the remaining entries as you wish! The more you enter, the better your chances are of getting your first choice of prizes!! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I can't wait to see how you have all done with attacking your goals. Any movement in the right direction should be celebrated. If you have a burning ambition you want support with, AND fancy winning some amazing prizes, then keep a look out here for the announcement of Resolutions in Motion Round Three.
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Jenn Korolewski said...

Great work!! I Love the blog design...thinking about updating my blog look as well....and creating a sponsor page. I promise, I am not COPYING you :)
Maybe that will be my round 3 goal!!

Keep up the great work Lovely Lady!

Cocalores said...

What a cute blog design you made! I'm sure once the wird gets out that you're doing such an amazing projectfor charity, there will be people stsnding in line! :-) Really enjoyed our outing yesterday -too bad that work was awaiting me when I got home. Hope you git homr alright!


jen @ grown in southern ground said...

you did great! i'm excited for round 3 :)


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