Friday, February 15, 2013

Heaven must be missing a Blog Angel: The halfway catch-up

We all need people in our lives who are completely selfless. The kind of folk who will always be there to raise a smile through a thoughtful word or piece of advice. The kind of friends who help us to grow as people, realise our desires and let us know when we are doing things wrong.
 Here at Craftbotic, I am lucky enough to know people like this. They are my Blog Angels: people who sign up to help another blogger secretly and make fantastic connections in the blogging community as a result.
With the way Blog Angels works now, my volunteers receive no guarantee of help in return; yet they have given their time to make another blogger feel like they are doing a good job. Today is about seeing how they are doing in their quest to spread a bit of joy around.
You may well find that lots of the people being helped happen to also be Blog Angels. I believe this is because those who help others are naturally more attractive to those who want to help. There is a sense of giving someone back what they deserve as well as knowing that they are YOUR kind of person. So if you want to meet thoughtful bloggers, than click on the links below and introduce yourself. They will be only too glad that you do.
I would urge anyone thinking that they are not 'big', 'experience' or 'important' enough to be a Blog Angel to consider that regular comments on blog posts can be all of the inspiration someone needs to keep writing. You need to be nothing other than a willing reader to be a Blog Angel, although as you develop more skills you will find it quite natural to expand on your involvement with their blog.
If you are looking to be a Blog Angel just to receive help back; then you are likely to be disappointed and should probably just contact me or another blogger to point you in the direction of where help could be found.
The next sign-up will take place on 15th March for the Blog Angels in April. I very much hope to see YOU there!
The linky below is for CURRENT Blog Angel participants, and as such any party posts, rogue blog or shop links etc will be deleted. This is not a hop or project party! Please DO visit them.
I will be more around next week folks, as I am nearly through my mountain of work. Please bear with me until then. I just need to reach Germany and then I have a bit more time!
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Cocalores said...

Blog Angels is a lot of fun, as always! Looking forward to seeing you next week =)


PS And thanks for calling us attractive ;-) Yeah, I try to take compliments where I can find them.

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Thank you, Rosie! I love Blog Angels! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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