Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eat Well in Mannheim Germany - Top Travel Tips

When I first visited Mannheim, I am ashamed to say that I judged the book by its cover. The weather was freezing; the sky, buildings and centre grey and the people incapable of returning a smile. Perhaps March wasn't the fairest introductory period, especially as we spent most of it in a student share house while A prepared to move into a much nicer space.

Needless to say, in the summer the whole aspect changed. Mannheim is a really fun place to be and more than any other place I've visited is home to an international rainbow of food choices. Also, I should probably consider that Mannheim's slightly ugly exterior wouldn't be anyway near as bad if it hadn't have been pretty much flattened by the Brits (oops) and Americans during World War Two. 

As with many ugly places (well people), Mannheim has a fantastic personality - people from all nationalities meld together here and genuinely LOVE the city. I have to say, its growing on me....and not just because one day this might be my home.

So where might you eat if you took the plunge and decided to spend a day or two here? Here are my top 6 choices (so far!):
{You can check the map below for the exact locations!}
From left to right:
  • Nisa's hot dogs are delicious and very reasonably priced. The added bonus is that this little shop is around the corner from Idee, the local craft shop: perfect for either pretending you've been to Ikea, OR a little snack after you've emptied your wallet buying washi tape.
  • Soup to Go is a fantastic little place open over lunchtime (it closes at 3pm). Every week there is a new menu of 5-6 different soups which cost between 5-7 euros. You get fresh bread to go with a fresh soup and is a great alternative to the many bakeries you will find on nearly every street of the city.
  • Novus is a bar/bistro/breakfast venue extraordinaire. On a Sunday (which you will need to book), you can take part in their mega brunch buffet. You won't get much change of 15 euros, but you probably won't need to eat for much of the day either.
  • Vino & Pizzateca looks like an unassuming place, but the prices match the excellent quality pizza and wine available here. It's the sort of place without a menu and possibly a porsche or two outside. Expect to pay upwards of 12 euro for a pizza; the wine is pot-luck. If you are watching the wallet, ask the charming Italian owners what is both tasty and good for your bank balance!
  • Azteca Mexicana is probably a chain, but who cares? It has fantastic daily deals and what's more is tasty. They actually cooked my taco filling for me without onion, proving the freshness of their preparation. Over the summer they hold the odd outdoor fest too which is well worth attending. Next door is another bar/bistro. Their half price cocktails on week nights (5pm-9pm as of February 2013) are a nice aperitif to the Mexican food next door. I have elected this place for my anniversary meal tomorrow. and just writing about it makes the falafel I will prepare tonight seem somewhat lame.
  •  Dionysus is clearly a Greek restaurant. Constantly busy, it will feed you large portions of tasty food for reasonable prices. At the other end of the row of restaurants is also somewhere for the more traditional food of Germany, or Bavaria to be precise. If you arrive in the summer and want to sit outside....make sure you book. They can be quite creative with their seating and the view of the car park beyond their cordoned off area isn't so pretty. 
So there you have it - my favourite eats in Mannheim.  You can find them all using this handy map!

 Which option would you go for?
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Laura said...

Oooo so difficult to choose! Probably a difficult choice between the hotdogs (I love Ikea hotdogs!) or the Mexican as since returning from holiday in Florida I've been hooked on Mexican!

Lieke said...

Hi Rosie, I love this!!!! And I agree Mannheim looks really grey, the people are... well let's say German (no offence) but once you get to the know the city it is actually a really beautiful nice city. When I lived there during my internship people would talk about the Bootshaus. This is a restaurant along the Rhein-Neckar river, so maybe something for you to check out the next time you are there.

ifs ands Butts said...

I'd definitely go for the soup! I always wish there was a place in Karlsruhe like that for lunch time. I don't think I'd trust the Mexican, Germany just awlays disappoints me, as much as I'd like to, this Texas girl's expectations are too high.

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