Friday, January 18, 2013

The day, whilst laying on my sofa, I realised an interesting truth: I can write.

I am a writer.
Before you ask what I have published, I'm not that sort of writer. There is no novel lurking inside of me; I'm not a poet and I definitely haven't been asked to contribute to teaching manuals, or any manual, anthology, or collaborative site for that matter. Well, if you discount the poem I had published alongside my whole class when I was about 6.
But I do write, absolutely every day. If it's not on my blog, it's at school. We're examining sentence structure with my youngest group at the moment. We wrote some lovely biographical texts using more complex structures. Mine were about my rockin' dad. Sharing writing with students is one of the privileges of my job. I can constantly improve...and technically I'm PAID to do it. Yup, I'm paid to do what I love every single day. Word.
Sometimes I also write exemplars, particularly of non-fiction writing: articles, opinion pieces, arguments, explanations, advice - whatever they need really. Most people would probably 'find' a resource. I love to go DIY.
At other times you will see me writing feedback. Who am I kidding? I write mountains of feedback, notes, words of encouragement, lengthy reports, letters and emails.
Thousands of words. Thousands of minuscule pieces of my heart, mind and sometimes sanity spread paper-thin and distributed to hundreds of people.
Yet is was only today, while laying on my sofa that I realised.
I AM a writer.
Before now I have scoffed at people who may have suggested I could write. After all, it's a tad pretentious, isn't it, to proclaim yourself a 'writer'? Particularly, if like me, you don't even own a pashmina and little square glasses with which to peer at your creations. Or like me, you write most of your best material sitting in your pyjamas or sweats....sipping tea and eating more chocolate than is probably good for you.
So what does this realisation mean for me? In many ways, I think I have found my confidence. And with it I cannot wait to learn how to do this better, even if it's just so I can share my findings with you.
After all, you're all writer's too ya know...

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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

You're a fantastic writer! Write something is on my 30 before 30 list. I actually have a childrens book idea in this crazy noggin of mine.

Natasha V said...

You`re a great writer. Not all of us have that talent. I`d rather give a presentation that write any given day.

MissLewis said...

I love your writing Q. In fact I still use some of it as resources in my lessons. Glad you've realised it is one of your many talents xxx

Bethany Lee said...

Beautiful!!! :)

Alyx said...

I think you're right, Rosie - we're all writers! We don't have to be published to be writers, we just have to write from the heart. Yep, I just said something that cheesy.

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