Saturday, January 26, 2013

Part One: Little Girl Gifts - The Purse

The best part of having friends with children, and I would imagine having little girls yourself, is the great quantity of crafty gifts you can make them for their birthday. In keeping with the January Craft Challenge theme of 'Leftovers' I decided to whip up two cute little gifts, perfect for a pink-worshipping girl: a cute coin purse and a book bag.
In part one today, I am sharing how I made the purse....with a twist. In honour of National Handwriting Day last week (or that I made it at night and my photos looked awful), I decided to draw my tutorial rather than rely on photographs.
This gorgeous fabric came from my leftovers box, having used it to make pencil-cases for my craft fair in November. It just so happens that my friend bought a pencil case, in this exact fabric, for her little girl. So what better than to make her a sweet book bag and coin purse to match?
To make this you will need:
1/2 a sheet of felt, 12cm zipper, 2 pieces of 11cm x 8.5cm, a sewing machine(with thread etc.) and pattern paper, or brown parcel paper.
You will need to cut out two pieces of the pattern from your leftover fabric.
If you are a bit stuck from my drawing on how to do the zipper, then you can use this tutorial to help you out. This girl taught me the art of the zipper!
Believe it or not, by following these steps, I actually produced a decent looking little purse. Let me just show you again, so you don't have to scroll up!
I'll be back with a very hand-drawn guide on how to make a book bag next weekend.
So what can keep you occupied until then?
  • On Monday we're rounding up our January Craft Challenge with a vote for the best host craft AND a chance for you to link-up your own leftover crafts.
  • On Tuesday Resolutions in Motion is back with a pretty exciting giveaway.
  • On Friday I will be sharing my thoughts on the January book, 'The Snow Child' and hosting a little link-up for your own reviews.
I have some other posts up my sleeve for this week, but we'll just see if my mountain of work will let me communicate with you more than this.  In other exciting news, I WON the Spiked Recipe Challenge, so will be actively resizing my hard-won buttons to go on Julie and Carrie's blogs. I made a yummy champagne and blackberry cheesecake. I have also been sticking to my gym plan...and am chipping away at my Mannheim to Basingstoke Challenge - 29.9 kilometres down, just 865 kilometres to go!
With optimism... 
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Stephanie said...

Hey lady, long time no see! How have you been? :) The purse is adorable, I wish I had a little girl to make it for!

Cocalores said...

Cute idea to make a hand-drawn tutorial =) I always find it interesting how differend countries teach different handwriting at schools, and you can still see that in adult handwriting.

You're definitely busy, have to check out your cake win (or champagne win ;-)

Enjoy your Sunday! xo

Rosie said...

What are you trying to say about my handwriting? ;)

ifs ands Butts said...

The stitching detail looks great!!

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